Carrier rallies neighbors to rescue elderly woman

Colorado Springs, CO, Rockrimmon Station City Carrier Debra Patterson

Colorado Springs, CO, Rockrimmon Station City Carrier Debra Patterson

When bone chilling weather recently covered the landscape in a sheet of ice in Colorado Springs, CO, not everyone was fully prepared to handle the frosty blast. One elderly woman was outside her home when she slipped on the icy ground and fell hard onto the unforgiving surface below. Though a neighbor had arrived to render assistance, that person wasn’t able to provide the help the injured customer needed. That’s when a helping hand from a concerned carrier came upon the scene.

Rockrimmon Station City Carrier Debra Patterson was delivering along her route when she heard the call for help. Patterson rushed to the customer and attempted to assist the injured woman up from the ground with the help of the customer’s neighbor, but they were unable to do so. Refusing to give up on the customer, Patterson knocked on the doors of nearby residences and solicited assistance while the neighbor on scene dialed 911. With the extra support, the woman was lifted off the ground and into a chair on the porch where Patterson waited with her until emergency responders arrived.

For her heroic efforts, Colorado Springs Postmaster Sam Reed presented Patterson with a USPS Hero Award. The customer is currently on the road to recovery from a broken hip suffered in her fall.

Woman escapes icy fate

Tyndall, SD, Rural Carrier Edward Humpal

Tyndall, SD, Rural Carrier Edward Humpal

On a chilly morning this past winter, a rural customer in Tyndall, SD, let her dogs out of her home as usual. Unlike any usual time, however, the customer slipped on the ice beneath her feet and fell hard to the ground. Unable to lift herself back up, the woman remained on the frozen surface in single-digit temperatures without a coat, desperately hoping someone would come along to aid her. As the minutes ticked by, the prospect of receiving assistance before her body succumbed to the freezing temperatures grew increasingly dim. That’s when a familiar face stopped by and saved the day.

Rural Carrier Edward Humpal was delivering along his route when he spotted the customer on the ground outside her home. He raced over to the woman, gave her his coat, and dialed 911. Concerned for her well-being, Humpal remained with the woman to keep her company until emergency responders arrived.

Though her knee was badly injured, the woman recovered from her fall and exposure to the chilly temperatures after a one week stay at the local hospital. As soon as she was able, the customer expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Humpal for his help in saving her life.

Saving lives one donation at a time

York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest

York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest

Fourteen gallons is enough to fill up a fuel tank for a mid-sized automobile or a small aquarium. It’s also the amount of blood York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest has donated in his lifetime.

“I always donate on my lunch hour, and this donation put me at my total lifetime giving of 14 gallons,” said Norquest.

Donated blood is used to support hospital patients during surgery or cancer treatments. It’s also used to support individuals who have suffered severe trauma in an accident, complications during pregnancy, and other life-saving uses.

“He started giving blood when he was a PTF carrier,” said Post Office Operations Manager Dawn Bayer. “Veteran carriers got him to tag along once, and he’s been doing it ever since. He is very involved with his community.”

Lost toddler rescued by concerned carrier

Denver, CO, North Pecos Station City Carrier Robert Batley

Denver, CO, North Pecos Station City Carrier Robert Batley

On March 2, 2016, Denver, CO, North Pecos Station City Carrier Robert Batley came across a frightening sight while on his route. He discovered a toddler wandering around in the median of a road.

According to Batley, several cars passed on either side of the child and didn’t stop. Batley knew he had to act fast to take the child out of harm’s way, so he stopped his vehicle, got out and scooped up the diapered 2-year-old. With the toddler’s parents nowhere in sight, Batley called 911 and waited in a safe area.

The child is now safely back at home, thanks to Batley’s quick thinking.

“It was like a movie, but real. I was just glad I was there,” he said. “I’m happy the child is safe. I never expected something like this to happen in my career.”

Sweepstakes jackpot too good to be true

Edmonds, WA, Retail Associates Fritzie Ramos, Larry Hall and Patty Garcia saved an elderly couple from a fraud scheme.

Edmonds, WA, Retail Associates Fritzie Ramos, Larry Hall and Patty Garcia saved an elderly couple from a fraud scheme.

Alert Retail Associates in the Edmonds, WA, Post Office recently stopped an elderly couple from sending their life savings to collect an alleged sweepstakes jackpot they had won.

Retail Associates Larry Hall, Patty Garcia and Fritzie Ramos convinced the couple, who wanted to purchase $6,500 in money orders, not to do so. The couple indicated they had already mailed $2,000 to an address in Iowa and were told they needed to send an additional $6,500, all the money they had left in their bank account.

Garcia contacted the Post Office in Iowa where the checks were to be sent and had the Postmaster intercept the earlier mailing, saving the couple their $2,000.

Postmaster gives students the gift of knowledge


Students at the Geraldine High School in Geraldine, MT, typically study subjects such as math, history, and English in a given day. On one special day earlier this month, they had the chance to learn more about a skill that will help them communicate with the world.

Lita Buck is the Postmaster of the Geraldine Post Office. She recently visited students at the high school to educate them about the mail, including the details of preparing and sending mail.

“I explained to them the importance of properly addressing an envelope and what happens to it if it does not have a return address on it and cannot be delivered to the addressee, and that proper postage is also important,” said Buck. “I also informed them that if they wanted a certain stamp on their announcements, that they should let me know ASAP so I could get them ordered, and reminded them that they will need stamps for thank you cards also.”

In addition to the valuable information she provided, Buck also brought handouts and other material for students to peruse.

The information-rich session was an eye-opening experience for the young minds in attendance and will give them the knowledge they need for a lifetime of mailing.

Scammer plot foiled by concerned clerk

Bellevue, NE, Retail Associate William Reynek

Bellevue, NE, Retail Associate William Reynek

Bellevue, NE, Retail Associate William Reynek was serving customers behind the counter when an elderly woman approached him. She presented $2,300 in cash and asked for help to send it Priority Mail Express to the intended recipient. Reynek recognized that the woman could be the victim of a scam, and that if she sent cash to the recipient, she’d likely never receive what the other individual promised in return.

Reynek convinced the woman to convert the cash into money orders as a safer alternative to cash. The woman agreed. After 30 minutes, the woman returned to the counter and told Reynek that she needed to change the payee on the money orders to a different person or send cash as the recipient originally asked her to do. With this new information in hand, Reynek knew she was likely being manipulated by a scammer.

The customer was still on a telephone call with the scammer during this process, so Reynek asked to speak with him. He asked the caller about his relationship with the woman, to which the individual replied, “I’m a relative.” Reynek asked additional questions, but the caller hung up before answering. That’s when Reynek convinced the woman she was dealing with a scammer and told her not to send the money.

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” said Reynek.

Postmaster Elizabeth Norton appreciates Reynek’s efforts to prevent a customer from losing her hard-earned money to a scammer.

“There was a customer in line when this all happened and she posted some very positive comments on Facebook,” said Norton. “It’s getting a lot of hits.”

Baby turkeys find their way home

Seneca, KS, Post Office Customer Services Supervisor Gary Nelson

Seneca, KS, Post Office Customer Services Supervisor Gary Nelson

While on route to its destination in Havensville, KS, a box of live, baby turkeys was inadvertently sent to a Post Office 57 miles away in Marysville. Fortunately for the young birds, a supervisor stepped up to ensure the chicks were delivered in time.

When the Marysville office discovered the shipping issue, they contacted Seneca Post Office Customer Services Supervisor Gary Nelson for help. Seneca is half the distance between Marysville and Havensville, and when Nelson discovered the problem, he was eager to assist.

Nelson contacted the addressee to work out the best delivery solution possible. To preserve the lives of the turkeys, they determined that the best solution was to take the box directly to the addressee.

“Gary’s willingness to help is greatly appreciated by both the US Postal Service and the baby birds,” said Marysville Postmaster Mary Schmale.

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan was an award-winning jazz singer who rose to stardom in the mid-20th century. “The Divine One” or “Sassy,” as she was nicknamed, nurtured her vocal talents in her family church in Newark, New Jersey, at an early age. Her voice ranged over three octaves, and she exercised virtuosic control over it; swooping from high to low and back, she could stretch a single syllable into several.

Working with some of America’s jazz greats, Vaughan developed a talent for melodic and rhythmic improvisation and exceptionally skillful phrasing. Her fresh way with lyrics and interpretive power deepened as she aged. Remarkably, her voice did not diminish with time; she sang with operatic virtuosity for the whole of her five-decade career.

Some of her best known works include: “Body and Soul,” “It’s Magic,” “Thinking of You,” “Whatever Lola Wants,” “Misty,” “If You Could See Me Now,” “I’ve Got a Crush on You,” “Autumn in New York,” “Send in the Clowns,” “Key Largo,” “It Might as Well Be Spring,” and “Lover Man.”

Listeners frequently note that she used her voice as an instrument, and Vaughan herself said that she copied her style from the “horn-tooters.”

The Sarah Vaughan stamp is now available for purchase at, at 800-STAMP24 (800-782-6724) and at Post Offices nationwide.

Broncos commemorative envelope

Broncos Cover 2016

For a limited time only, the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Championship Souvenir Envelopes from the U.S. Postal Service are available for purchase. Revel in the celebration of this momentous victory by ordering your very own commemorative envelope, and then share the wonder of this keepsake with friends and family.

To place your order today, download an order form via the link below and send $10 by check or money order (no cash) per envelope desired to:

Broncos’ Souvenir Envelopes
US Postal Service – Retail Dept.
7500 E 53rd Place RM 2209
Denver CO 80266-9998

Click here to download the order form.

Be sure to make your check or money order payable to “Postmaster.”


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