2015 Postal Coloring Page

Sycamore, OH, Postmaster Earl Musick’s 2015 coloring page for kids on the following page features several popular elements of the season, including a much-anticipated package for a lucky recipient. Share the page with friends and family as they enjoy this special time of year.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2013

Carriers’ Actions Go Viral

Left: Sandy, UT, City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch and 12-year-old Mathew Flores are interviewed on FOX News Channel's FOX & Friends after a groundswell of online interest in Lynch's plea for book donations for his young customer. Right: Glendale, AZ, City Carrier Mike Raymer talks with reporters about his letter to customers on his route after the handwritten note was posted online and went viral.

Left: Sandy, UT, City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch and 12-year-old Mathew Flores are interviewed on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends after a groundswell of online interest in Lynch’s plea for book donations for his young customer. Right: Glendale, AZ, City Carrier Mike Raymer talks with reporters about his letter to customers on his route after the handwritten note was posted online and went viral.

The Thanksgiving edition of Your Postal Podcast features two letter carriers whose thoughtful actions and words ended up “going viral” online.

You’ll hear how a Sandy, UT, carrier who discovered a boy reading advertising mail near a mailbox was able to influence hundreds of people to ship books to the youngster.

You’ll also meet a Glendale, AZ, carrier who notified his customers about his plans to retire via a heartfelt letter — and his message ended up getting posted online and drawing reactions of praise from around the world.

To listen to this edition, go to: http://yourpostalpodcast.com or click here.

Take a Picture of Charlie Brown Characters

Photo with Charlie Brown

The Postal Service invites America to share in a series of holiday-themed augmented reality (AR) experiences that bring the nation’s 160,000 blue Post Office collection boxes to life via smartphones. The invitation is part of a mailing that provides information on exciting postal products, services and key mailing dates to make this the most convenient holiday mailing season ever.

The Peanuts photo opportunity debuts November 23-25 and appears again in mid-December as part of the Postal Service’s rotating “Mailbox Miracle” experiences that runs until December 28. Also, the 50th anniversary of the “Charlie Brown Christmas” TV special, from which the stamps are based, airs Monday, November 30, at 9 p.m. on ABC. Prior to that, at 8 p.m., a one-hour retrospective special featuring numerous music performers airs.

The ‘Mailbox Miracle’ Experiences

To experience the magic of the Peanuts gang, download the Postal Service’s AR app at Google Play or iTunes App Store. Open the app and point your phone’s camera at the USPS blue eagle logo on one of nearly 160,000 blue mail collection boxes between November 23 and November 25, and again December 14 through December 17, to see Charlie Brown characters surround Postal Service blue collection boxes. You can also take a photo with the Peanuts gang to save on your camera phone or share on social media.

As the nation counts down to the holidays, the Postal Service will be adding new experiences every few days.

Customers accessing usps.com can find blue collection boxes near their current location by visiting this link and clicking the “Post Offices and Approved Postal Providers” icon. Scroll down to collection boxes and then enter a ZIP Code or address.

Young Girl Kept Safe From House Fire

Hawkeye District Manager Jim Herrmann with Clinton, IA, City Carrier Charlene Munck.

Hawkeye District Manager Jim Herrmann with Clinton, IA, City Carrier Charlene Munck.

While on her route recently, Clinton, IA, City Carrier Charlene Munck found a young girl wandering the streets. Munck knew something was wrong with the situation and asked the young girl if she needed help. That’s when the girl told Munck the alarming news that her house was on fire and her parents weren’t home.

Munck immediately called 911 and waited with the girl while emergency responders arrived. When they did, they quickly extinguished a small fire in the kitchen of the girl’s home. Soon thereafter, local authorities took custody of the girl and safeguarded her well-being until her parents could be located.

For her heroic actions in protecting the girl, Munck recently received the coveted PMG Hero Award. She also accepted a special “Hawkeye Hero” shirt from Hawkeye District Manager Jim Herrmann as well as a breakfast celebration shared with her entire office.

“Munck’s actions prevented the fire from spreading throughout the home and comforted a frightened young girl,” said Herrmann. “Her selflessness and compassion for her customers exemplifies her strength and dedication.”

Coloring Station a First-Class Hit


In preparation for the busy season, the Stanford, MT, Post Office team prepared a special station to assist busy parents.

Replete with coloring pages and vibrant pens, a new kids’ coloring station gives little ones the chance to express their creativity while parents complete their mailing transactions.

“We even have magnets for them to hang their art work or leave it to finish the next time they are in,” said Stanford Postmaster Kristina Hill. “Both parents and kids are loving it!”

Just Visiting

Sasabe AZ horses 102715

When Sasabe, AZ, Postmaster Tracy Gibson stepped outside her office last week, she found an unusual scene. Two horses stood next to the building enjoying a casual lunch.

While the horses found the grass at the Post Office appealing, their mailing needs were expectedly limited.

“They didn’t buy anything, but ate a lot,” said Gibson.

Assault Victim Rescued by Passing Driver

North Platte, NE, Contract Driver Tom Lannon.

North Platte, NE, Contract Driver Tom Lannon.

Late one evening, a woman left her place of employment to pick up her child before heading home. Five hours later, police discovered her vehicle abandoned and still running on the side of the road with no sign of the driver.

Early the next morning, North Platte, NE, Contract Driver Tom Lannon drove along his usual route to start his day when he spotted what he thought was a deer. As he drove by, he realized that it wasn’t a deer at all, but rather a woman waving her arms frantically to get his attention. Lannon turned his vehicle around and stopped to investigate. When he did, he quickly discovered the gravity of the situation.

When Lannon exited his vehicle and approached the woman, she collapsed to the ground in relief. He could see that she was distraught and had signs of being physically assaulted. Lannon called 911 and remained with the woman until emergency responders arrived and transported her to the hospital. Later on, he discovered that the woman had stopped the night before to assist two men in another vehicle, and the men had taken her against her will.

“I’m so glad I was at the right place at the right time,” said Lannon. “I felt truly worried for the woman and was glad I was there to help.”

Quick Action to Strong Smell Prevents Potential Disaster

Marion, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tassie Britton.

Marion, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tassie Britton.

While Marion, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tassie Britton delivered mail along her Florence, KS, city route recently, she encountered a strange smell. The aroma wasn’t pleasant and she quickly recognized it as natural gas.

Britton saw customer Belinda Robinson and asked her if she also smelled the gas. Robinson confirmed Britton’s assessment and the two investigated the area to determine the cause of the leak. Shortly thereafter, they found what they were looking for.

The driver of a satellite service truck had backed into a gas meter and didn’t realize it. Britton knew the potentially volatile situation could cause great harm if not immediately addressed, so she told Robinson to call the gas company. Fortunately, an employee with the company was taking care of an unrelated matter nearby and arrived quickly to stop the leak.

“Tassie is a conscientious employee always looking out for her customers,” said Marion Postmaster Lori Kelsey. “She goes above and beyond to get the job done and is a great asset to the United States Postal Service. We are pleased to have her as part of our team.”

Foiling Ignition Injuries

Foiling ignition injuries

Advanced technology has helped many people avoid automobile injuries that might have otherwise endured needless harm. From airbags to motion sensors, advances in safety equipment have aided in the reduction of injuries many suffer each year. If another piece of technology was introduced to certain automobiles, it might just be possible to reduce potential injuries even further.

Biometric scanners have existed in one form or another for many years. Such devices have helped access restricted areas and equipment by sampling an individual’s specific characteristics, such as a fingerprint. As popular as they are for security purposes, they might also be used as a way to prevent repetitive motion injuries.

A biometric scanner could help reduce repetitive motion actions for individuals who start and stop their vehicles frequently, such as delivery drivers. Repetitive motions have the potential to cause unnecessary physical injury and expense for both an employee and employer. To avoid the repeated twisting motion of a wrist to engage an engine, and any damage that could develop over time, a fingerprint scanner could be installed in a delivery vehicle to determine the identity of a driver. Once confirmed, the vehicle engine would come to life, permitting a driver to travel to the next destination. The process would be repeated to deactivate the vehicle.

As the cost of advanced technology decreases each year, integrating new safety devices into vehicles becomes an ever increasing opportunity.

Do you think the next generation of USPS vehicles could be designed with a biometric scanner for easy starting?


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