A half-century of service excellence

Colleagues celebrate Phoenix, AZ, P&DC Distribution Clerk Francis Peters (holding framed art).

Phoenix P&DC Distribution Clerk Francis Peters was recognized on Wednesday, April 12, for 50 years of service with the USPS. Acting Phoenix, AZ, Senior Plant Manager Marty Chavez and Acting Lead Senior Manager Sunny Kuruvilla presented Peters with a diamond 50 year service pin and a letter signed by Postmaster General Megan Brennan.

In addition, Chavez presented Peters, a longtime New York Jets fan, with a framed commemorative envelope celebrating 50 years of Super Bowl history and the Jets’ victory in Super Bowl III.

Appreciative and soft-spoken, Peters thanked Chavez, Kuruvilla and fellow employees who joined them to applaud Peters’ career and enjoy a slice of cake to honor his service. Peters also recalled first being hired in 1966 as “Christmas help” at the old processing center in downtown Phoenix, as well as working parcels in the basement of Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the state fairgrounds and loading outgoing mail onto trains. Peters has worked in Phoenix mail processing facilities for his entire career.

“A career spanning a half-century is certainly indicative of a unique dedication to duty and to country,” Brennan wrote in her letter to Peters. “It is an accomplishment of which you should be proud, and one which deserves the admiration of your fellow employees and the community as well.”

Retiring retail associate receives key to the city

Former Bremerton Postmaster Harry Klienfelter, Retail Associate Marj Hendershot, and Customer Services Supervisors Melinda Hara and John Walker.

When Bremerton, WA, Retail Associate Marj Hendershot announced her retirement after 40 years of service, employees and customers made almost identical comments – the office and town would be a quieter place without her presence.

Hendershot is known affectionately for her “cackle,” a distinctive laugh born of an effervescent personality and positive attitude known throughout the local community. It’s a characteristic which lead the local newspaper, the Kitsap Sun, to feature her departure in an article entitled, “The cackle is leaving.”

“She is positively exuberant in a way no one else is,” said fellow Retail Associate Anna Gilman.

KING 5, a Seattle television station, agreed with Gilman. The station made the trip across Puget Sound to visit Hendershot and feature her, and a large number of local community members who visited her on her last day at work on March 31, in its broadcast.

As a token of appreciation for distinctive service to the community, Mayor Patty Lent presented Hendershot with a key to the city during the retirement celebration.

Curious kids

When Nevada, MO, City Carrier Krista Marshall recently received a request from a school along her route to speak to their children about the Post Office, she was eager to help.

Preschool children from St. Mary’s School gathered around Marshall as she explained the importance of safety around vehicles and how carriers deliver mail each day. The enthusiastic kids enjoyed Marshall’s presentation and demonstrated keen curiosity regarding her job, the mail and of course, the fascinating vehicle Marshall drove in the performance of her duties.

Preschool kids eager to learn about their carrier and USPS

Henderson, CO, Rural Carrier Shauna Galicia

Henderson, CO, Rural Carrier Shauna Galicia recently helped coordinate a visit to a local preschool. The kids at John W. Thimmig Elementary School displayed both awe and curiosity when Galicia showed them a rare look inside a postal vehicle and her USPS satchel. The youngsters also enjoyed talking with Galicia about her duties as a carrier.

“The Henderson Post Office is proud to have such a generous and thoughtful employee on its staff and admires this contribution to the community,” said Postmaster Crystal Gutierrez.

Pre-kindergarten students recreate Post Office in class – carrier impressed

Omaha, NE, Saddle Creek Station City Carrier Lisa Tosone

Each year at the Brownell Talbot School, pre-kindergarten students have a chance to enjoy learning about the mail as part of their curriculum. During the educational process, children write a letter to their carrier asking her to visit the classroom. When Omaha, NE, Saddle Creek Station City Carrier Lisa Tosone received their letters, she was eager to oblige.

While visiting the class, Tosone taught students about delivering the mail, shared some of her favorite books about the mail, and presented kids with USPS activity books. In return, students showed her their classroom Post Office which they created to simulate operations at a real unit.

Terry Nelson, the student’s teacher, appreciated Tosone’s visit to her classroom and thanked her for taking time out of her busy schedule to share her knowledge and experience with the kids.

Warm hugs for generous heart


Great Bend, KS, City Carrier Annette Schloemer was on her route recently when she spotted a young girl struggling to remove a valve stem cap from a flat tire on her old, rusty bicycle. Schloemer asked the girl if she needed assistance, and when the girl said yes, the dedicated carrier went to work.

Though Schloemer managed to remove the cap, the valve stem was damaged and didn’t permit the air pump nozzle to secure tightly against it. Unable to render further aid, Schloemer continued on her route.

During the rest of her shift, Schloemer thought about the girl and the poor condition of her bicycle. Those thoughts continued when she went to the store after the end of her shift and found a way to help.

Schloemer returned to the girl’s home after the shopping trip and presented her with a brand new bicycle. The girl’s face illuminated with joy when she received her gift, and immediately put it to use. Both the girl and her mother thanked Schloemer with bright smiles and grateful hugs.

Carriers refuse to let missing street clog up delivery

Las Cruces, NM, Letter Carrier Jeremiah Dyer

Las Cruces, NM, Letter Carrier Jeremiah Dyer

Replacing a sewer line can be a messy job. In Las Cruces, NM, resident Paul Funk’s case, it also required the removal of the street in front of his home. Delivering mail to his address would have been problematic under the circumstances, but his determined carriers didn’t let the absence of easy access to Funk’s mailbox clog up his mail delivery.

Funk snapped a photo of Letter Carrier Jeremiah Dyer going the extra length to deliver his mail. He shared it and an email of thanks to Customer Service Manager Sherri Schnyder praising both Dyer and Ray Flores who dutifully deliver mail to his hard-to-reach mailbox.

“The city of Las Cruces is replacing sewer and water lines in front of our rental house, and there is a hole that could hide a freight train where the street used to be,” said Funk in his email. “Yet every day letters appear in the box at the end of our driveway! I was impressed by his fortitude last week when I saw our letter carrier climbing the sand pile to reach the door of the mailbox, which of course faced the wrong way for access by foot. I snapped a picture. The next day I asked our other letter carrier, who makes the same herculean effort, how I could share the photo (thinking there might be a journal or newsletter for postal workers?) and he provided your contact info.

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor missing street, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” added Funk.

Elderly woman falls after trash haul – rescued by local carrier

West Plains, MO, CDS Driver Greg Krecker

West Plains, MO, CDS Driver Greg Krecker

West Plains, MO, CDS Driver Greg Krecker was on his route recently when he spotted a customer on the ground. The woman had fallen while attempting to return trash cans from the curb to her home and was unable to get up on her own. Though the weather was clear, the freezing temperature outside made a lengthy stay on the cold, hard concrete hazardous at best.

Krecker approached the woman and asked if she needed help. The customer accepted the offer and provided Krecker with her son’s cell phone number. Not long after Krecker connected with the man, the son arrived and worked with Krecker to take the injured woman inside her home. She received prompt medical care and suffered no permanent damage as a result of the fall.

The mother-in-law of the injured woman, Lori Young, expressed her family’s gratitude for Krecker’s help in a letter to the editor sent to the West Plains Daily Quill.

“We are very grateful to him for everything he did and continues to do,” Young stated in her letter. “I firmly believe that angels do walk among us, but if you ever want to meet one, just head on down to the West Plains Post Office.”

Post Office tour boosts students’ letter writing skills

Stanford, MT, Retail Associate Sarah Bracha teaches the craft of letter writing to local students.

Stanford, MT, Retail Associate Sarah Bracha teaches the craft of letter writing to local students.

Stanford, MT, Retail Associate Sarah Bracha and Postmaster Kristina Hill became local holiday celebrities this past season with children. To inspire them to hone their letter crafting skills, Bracha and Hill visited the local elementary school and discussed letter writing with the young students and how to address letters. They also took Letters to Santa templates, holiday stickers, and a festive poem to aid students in the letter writing process.

“Both the teachers and students enjoyed it immensely,” said Hill.

Beyond classroom visits, Bracha and Hill gave kindergartners, pre-kindergartners and homeschooled students a tour of the Post Office. They also assisted homeschooled children with their letter writing ability at the Post Office during their visit.

Home flooding averted thanks to keen-eyed carrier


The Postmaster of Littleton, CO, received a letter from a customer who wanted to thank her letter carrier, Jon Crane, for stopping … a home flood.

A pipe leading outdoors to a sprinkler system had burst during a cold snap while the customer was away from home. While on his route, Crane noticed the gushing water, walked over and turned off the valve.

“He was the reason my basement had only two inches of water instead of two feet, saving our home untold damage,” the customer wrote.

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