Freezing young girl rescued by her carrier

Blair, WI, Rural Carrier Associate Mike Ressel

Blair, WI, Rural Carrier Associate Mike Ressel was delivering his route when he spotted a very young girl outside wondering around half-dressed in the cold winter weather. He secured his vehicle and went to speak with the little girl.

She was looking for her mother who had left the night before to get groceries, leaving her daughter by herself. By the next morning, the girl’s mother still had not returned home.

Ressel put the shivering girl in his jeep, contacted the Trempealeau County police department and brought the girl to a neighbor’s house. He stayed with the girl and the family until police arrived.

He also called Blair Postmaster Andrew Stevens to be certain that he was handling the situation correctly. When police arrived, he gave a statement and then continued on with his route.

“This is a sad story, but it makes me proud as a manager to know I have employees who truly care about not only their jobs, but the customers they serve,” Stevens said. “This could have ended very differently and we are all proud of Mike’s actions.”

Young Girl Kept Safe From House Fire

Hawkeye District Manager Jim Herrmann with Clinton, IA, City Carrier Charlene Munck.

Hawkeye District Manager Jim Herrmann with Clinton, IA, City Carrier Charlene Munck.

While on her route recently, Clinton, IA, City Carrier Charlene Munck found a young girl wandering the streets. Munck knew something was wrong with the situation and asked the young girl if she needed help. That’s when the girl told Munck the alarming news that her house was on fire and her parents weren’t home.

Munck immediately called 911 and waited with the girl while emergency responders arrived. When they did, they quickly extinguished a small fire in the kitchen of the girl’s home. Soon thereafter, local authorities took custody of the girl and safeguarded her well-being until her parents could be located.

For her heroic actions in protecting the girl, Munck recently received the coveted PMG Hero Award. She also accepted a special “Hawkeye Hero” shirt from Hawkeye District Manager Jim Herrmann as well as a breakfast celebration shared with her entire office.

“Munck’s actions prevented the fire from spreading throughout the home and comforted a frightened young girl,” said Herrmann. “Her selflessness and compassion for her customers exemplifies her strength and dedication.”

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