A half-century of service excellence

Colleagues celebrate Phoenix, AZ, P&DC Distribution Clerk Francis Peters (holding framed art).

Phoenix P&DC Distribution Clerk Francis Peters was recognized on Wednesday, April 12, for 50 years of service with the USPS. Acting Phoenix, AZ, Senior Plant Manager Marty Chavez and Acting Lead Senior Manager Sunny Kuruvilla presented Peters with a diamond 50 year service pin and a letter signed by Postmaster General Megan Brennan.

In addition, Chavez presented Peters, a longtime New York Jets fan, with a framed commemorative envelope celebrating 50 years of Super Bowl history and the Jets’ victory in Super Bowl III.

Appreciative and soft-spoken, Peters thanked Chavez, Kuruvilla and fellow employees who joined them to applaud Peters’ career and enjoy a slice of cake to honor his service. Peters also recalled first being hired in 1966 as “Christmas help” at the old processing center in downtown Phoenix, as well as working parcels in the basement of Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the state fairgrounds and loading outgoing mail onto trains. Peters has worked in Phoenix mail processing facilities for his entire career.

“A career spanning a half-century is certainly indicative of a unique dedication to duty and to country,” Brennan wrote in her letter to Peters. “It is an accomplishment of which you should be proud, and one which deserves the admiration of your fellow employees and the community as well.”

Career achievement – unlocked

Group photo of Urban holding framed art piece with management and co-workers.

Group photo of Urban holding framed art piece with management and co-workers.

Albuquerque, NM, Uptown Station City Carrier Lawrence “Jerry” Urban recently reached a major career milestone. After a considerable work history of steadfast service, Urban marked his 50th year of federal service.

In a celebratory event, Uptown employees gathered to cheer his significant accomplishment. Arizona District Manager John DiPeri attended the gathering and thanked Urban for his service and dedication.

“Jerry is not only working as a letter carrier after 50 years of federal service, he is on the overtime desired list,” said DiPeri. “That’s impressive.”

Before beginning his service with USPS at the Eldorado Station (now the Steve Schiff Station), Urban served eight years in the Air Force. DiPeri presented Urban with a framed art piece with a New Mexico Statehood and U.S. Department of Air Force stamps at the event to honor Urban’s time at both agencies.

“Jerry is one of the hardest working carriers at the unit,” said Uptown Station City Carrier Vince Martinez. “He is willing to carry overtime on any route. He is an employee the newly hired carriers should use as their role model.”

“The Postal Service has been good to me,” Urban said about his career milestone. “There are a lot of good people here.”

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