Curious kids

When Nevada, MO, City Carrier Krista Marshall recently received a request from a school along her route to speak to their children about the Post Office, she was eager to help.

Preschool children from St. Mary’s School gathered around Marshall as she explained the importance of safety around vehicles and how carriers deliver mail each day. The enthusiastic kids enjoyed Marshall’s presentation and demonstrated keen curiosity regarding her job, the mail and of course, the fascinating vehicle Marshall drove in the performance of her duties.

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  1. HERB

     /  April 1, 2017

    Years ago the USPOD used to invite classes from school into the PO to see how mail was handled to be delivered. In our office a clerk named John Hill would explain everything to the kids. The USPOD also let us Letter Carries take our kids on the street for 2 hours. Al we had to do was tell a boss “I’m taking my daughter out today” I took 3 daughters out and one of my 2 adopted sons. 2 of my daughters went on to serve 30 years in the APWU.My customers loved it when I bought my kids with me it showed them we were no different than they were.After 2 hours I would either find a pay phone to call my wife to pick them up or I would call on my CB radioIt was fun taking our kids out and showed them what we did to help support them. I dont know if they could have taken the whole 13 to 15 mile walk.

  2. Anonymous

     /  April 1, 2017

    they don’t do this anymore…

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