Rushing to a stranger’s aid

Viroqua, WI, City Carrier Tammie Halverson.

Viroqua, WI, City Carrier Tammie Halverson was delivering on her route recently when she witnessed a resident fall to the walkway from a second-story apartment.

Halverson rushed back to her vehicle to get her phone and called 911. She then returned to the scene and saw the man moving his hands. She remained with him until help arrived.

Surprisingly, Halverson noticed several people walk past the injured man – without taking action. The passersby acted shocked when they spotted the scene, but continued on their way.

The man suffered multiple fractures in his hips, legs and arms; and is recovering. He thanked Halverson for helping him during his accident and for calling emergency responders.

Elderly woman falls after trash haul – rescued by local carrier

West Plains, MO, CDS Driver Greg Krecker

West Plains, MO, CDS Driver Greg Krecker

West Plains, MO, CDS Driver Greg Krecker was on his route recently when he spotted a customer on the ground. The woman had fallen while attempting to return trash cans from the curb to her home and was unable to get up on her own. Though the weather was clear, the freezing temperature outside made a lengthy stay on the cold, hard concrete hazardous at best.

Krecker approached the woman and asked if she needed help. The customer accepted the offer and provided Krecker with her son’s cell phone number. Not long after Krecker connected with the man, the son arrived and worked with Krecker to take the injured woman inside her home. She received prompt medical care and suffered no permanent damage as a result of the fall.

The mother-in-law of the injured woman, Lori Young, expressed her family’s gratitude for Krecker’s help in a letter to the editor sent to the West Plains Daily Quill.

“We are very grateful to him for everything he did and continues to do,” Young stated in her letter. “I firmly believe that angels do walk among us, but if you ever want to meet one, just head on down to the West Plains Post Office.”

Ladder slip leads to hospital trip

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

While Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell delivered along his route on Halloween, he thought he heard the faint sound of someone calling for help. When he traveled in the direction of the call, he spotted an older man on the ground bleeding from the back of his head.

Harold was in the process of climbing down the ladder on the side of his boat when his foot slipped through a rung. With his foot trapped in the ladder, he fell backwards, unable to brace himself against an impact with the ground.

Littrell found Harold and immediately dialed 911. While waiting for emergency responders to arrive, Littrell located a towel and placed it against the back of Harold’s head. He then obtained a blanket from the man’s garage and wrapped it around him to keep him warm. Once the paramedics arrived, Littrell returned to his route.

Harold’s wife was grateful for the assistance and sent a personal letter of thanks to Littrell.

“Thank you again for not only your service in delivering daily mail, but for going far beyond your responsibilities to be an ‘angel in the flesh’ in my husband’s time of need!” said Julie.

Carrier saves elderly man from hard fall

Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman

Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman

While Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman was delivering along his route recently, he heard desperate cries for help coming from of a nearby residence.

Bruggeman knew that the elderly man who lived at the home depended on a walker for mobility, and feared he had fallen. With great concern, the newly hired CCA immediately leaped into action to investigate.

When he knocked on the man’s door, he heard the man call for his help from the other side. Bruggeman entered the home and discovered that his customer had fallen several hours earlier and was unable to get up on his own.

Bruggeman called for emergency medical assistance and the man’s family to let them know what had happened. He then stayed with the man to provide comfort until help arrived.

“This young man was very composed and handled the situation well given the circumstances,” said Postmaster Alexis Basgall.

Mooving the extra mile for customers

Curtis, NE, Rural Carrier LouAnn Wood

Curtis, NE, Rural Carrier LouAnn Wood

As Curtis, NE, Rural Carrier LouAnn Wood drove along her route following a heavy rainstorm, she came across a cow lying on the ground. The animal didn’t budge as she approached and she assumed it had succumbed to the storm. Wood owns cattle on her own property and felt concerned that there might be a calf somewhere without its mother.

With no cell service in the canyon, she continued along the road until she reached the next mailbox. There, she asked an individual about the cow. The person denied ownership, but suggested that it might belong to a neighbor. When Wood later exited the canyon, she called that neighbor and told her the bad news about the cow. The woman thanked Wood for the information and called her own husband to have him check out the situation.

The embankment the cow had been standing on gave way due to the heavy rain and it fell down in the process. Unable to get back up, the animal remained on the ground until its owner rendered aid.

The customer called Wood later on and told her that the cow is doing well and is back with its calf. She also thanked the concerned carrier for the information and for watching out for her customer’s animals.

“LouAnn is a great, conscientious carrier who is very good at her job!” said Curtis Postmaster Susan Kugler.

Carrier rallies neighbors to rescue elderly woman

Colorado Springs, CO, Rockrimmon Station City Carrier Debra Patterson

Colorado Springs, CO, Rockrimmon Station City Carrier Debra Patterson

When bone chilling weather recently covered the landscape in a sheet of ice in Colorado Springs, CO, not everyone was fully prepared to handle the frosty blast. One elderly woman was outside her home when she slipped on the icy ground and fell hard onto the unforgiving surface below. Though a neighbor had arrived to render assistance, that person wasn’t able to provide the help the injured customer needed. That’s when a helping hand from a concerned carrier came upon the scene.

Rockrimmon Station City Carrier Debra Patterson was delivering along her route when she heard the call for help. Patterson rushed to the customer and attempted to assist the injured woman up from the ground with the help of the customer’s neighbor, but they were unable to do so. Refusing to give up on the customer, Patterson knocked on the doors of nearby residences and solicited assistance while the neighbor on scene dialed 911. With the extra support, the woman was lifted off the ground and into a chair on the porch where Patterson waited with her until emergency responders arrived.

For her heroic efforts, Colorado Springs Postmaster Sam Reed presented Patterson with a USPS Hero Award. The customer is currently on the road to recovery from a broken hip suffered in her fall.

Woman escapes icy fate

Tyndall, SD, Rural Carrier Edward Humpal

Tyndall, SD, Rural Carrier Edward Humpal

On a chilly morning this past winter, a rural customer in Tyndall, SD, let her dogs out of her home as usual. Unlike any usual time, however, the customer slipped on the ice beneath her feet and fell hard to the ground. Unable to lift herself back up, the woman remained on the frozen surface in single-digit temperatures without a coat, desperately hoping someone would come along to aid her. As the minutes ticked by, the prospect of receiving assistance before her body succumbed to the freezing temperatures grew increasingly dim. That’s when a familiar face stopped by and saved the day.

Rural Carrier Edward Humpal was delivering along his route when he spotted the customer on the ground outside her home. He raced over to the woman, gave her his coat, and dialed 911. Concerned for her well-being, Humpal remained with the woman to keep her company until emergency responders arrived.

Though her knee was badly injured, the woman recovered from her fall and exposure to the chilly temperatures after a one week stay at the local hospital. As soon as she was able, the customer expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Humpal for his help in saving her life.

Feline beeline leads to owner’s harsh landing


While Valley, NE, Rural Carrier Associate Andrea Adams delivered along her route recently, she witnessed a cat dart out of the back door of a customer’s home. The cat’s elderly owner followed immediately behind the cat in an attempt to retrieve the fleeing feline, but the woman tripped on the threshold of the door and fell face-first onto the concrete steps.

After witnessing the harsh landing, Adams raced to the customer’s side to render aid. The woman told Adams she was alright, but blood streaming from the customer’s forehead indicated otherwise.

Adams called 911 and remained with the customer until help arrived. She also called the woman’s son to tell him about the event and which hospital she had been taken to.

“She was my Angel,” the customer said of Adams after recovering from the fall.

Desperate call for help answered by conscientious carrier

Willmar, MN, Rural Carrier Becky Knutson

Willmar, MN, Rural Carrier Rebecca Knuteson

When Willmar, MN, Rural Carrier Rebecca Knuteson approached the home of a customer while delivering along her route, she heard a distinct cry for help. Knuteson couldn’t see the person calling for help inside the home, so she immediately dialed 911 on her phone.

Shortly after notifying the dispatcher of the situation, paramedics arrived on scene. Both the paramedics and a neighbor were able to make their way into home where they found the customer laying on the floor of the basement. The woman had fallen to the ground and remained there for four days until help arrived.

The customer was so appreciative of the assistance that she thanked Knuteson and first responders publicly in a letter written to and published by a local newspaper. “I am lucky to be here and am so grateful to these angels,” the customer said in her letter.

Double Rescue for Eldora Carrier

Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves.

Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves.

While delivering mail along his route recently, Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves encountered an elderly customer who had fallen to the ground and needed assistance. The wind was particularly strong on this day, and when the customer stepped out of her car, a strong gust knocked her down. To make matters worse, the wind also knocked garbage cans on top of her.

When Reeves moved to assist the customer, she initially refused to allow him to call for medical assistance from emergency responders. Reeves questioned the customer about her condition, and when she told him about the back pain she sustained, he called for an ambulance and waited with her until they arrived.

Reeves later returned to the office for lunch and discussed the event with fellow employees. In the process of doing so, they heard multiple blasts of a horn outside. When Reeves and City Carrier Mark Pearson went to investigate, they discovered that an elderly customer had accidentally stepped on the gas pedal of her vehicle as she attempted to mail a letter at a blue collection box. She had one leg outside the vehicle at the time, and when the vehicle lurched forward, it pinned her extended leg between her door and doorframe.

Pearson is also an Emergency Medical Technician and moved to assist the customer while Reeves dialed 911. Both stayed with the customer until an ambulance arrived to tend to her injuries.

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