Rushing to a stranger’s aid

Viroqua, WI, City Carrier Tammie Halverson.

Viroqua, WI, City Carrier Tammie Halverson was delivering on her route recently when she witnessed a resident fall to the walkway from a second-story apartment.

Halverson rushed back to her vehicle to get her phone and called 911. She then returned to the scene and saw the man moving his hands. She remained with him until help arrived.

Surprisingly, Halverson noticed several people walk past the injured man – without taking action. The passersby acted shocked when they spotted the scene, but continued on their way.

The man suffered multiple fractures in his hips, legs and arms; and is recovering. He thanked Halverson for helping him during his accident and for calling emergency responders.

Freezing young girl rescued by her carrier

Blair, WI, Rural Carrier Associate Mike Ressel

Blair, WI, Rural Carrier Associate Mike Ressel was delivering his route when he spotted a very young girl outside wondering around half-dressed in the cold winter weather. He secured his vehicle and went to speak with the little girl.

She was looking for her mother who had left the night before to get groceries, leaving her daughter by herself. By the next morning, the girl’s mother still had not returned home.

Ressel put the shivering girl in his jeep, contacted the Trempealeau County police department and brought the girl to a neighbor’s house. He stayed with the girl and the family until police arrived.

He also called Blair Postmaster Andrew Stevens to be certain that he was handling the situation correctly. When police arrived, he gave a statement and then continued on with his route.

“This is a sad story, but it makes me proud as a manager to know I have employees who truly care about not only their jobs, but the customers they serve,” Stevens said. “This could have ended very differently and we are all proud of Mike’s actions.”

Carrier credited with saving community from dangerous gas leak

Salt Lake City, UT, Murray Branch City Carrier Brian Whipple

While Salt Lake City, UT, Murray Branch City Carrier Brian Whipple was on his route recently, he noticed a familiar odor. The rotten egg smell infused into natural gas filled the air, and he knew it could spell trouble if not addressed immediately.

Whipple picked up his phone and called the local natural gas company. A company representative thanked him for the information and Whipple continued on his route.

When the company investigated the leak, it discovered a break in the main line. The company evacuated three nearby homes and placed their occupants in a hotel until the situation could be resolved.

Soon after residents were allowed to return to their homes, one customer sent a thank you card to Whipple for his conscientious actions.

“Thank you so much for sniffing gas!” the letter stated. “It’s not much, but I wanted to get you a little something for being alert and preventing my house from blowing up.

“Thanks again! You do a fantastic job and always go above and beyond. I appreciate it!”

Mount Pleasant celebrates success


Employees at the Mount Pleasant, IA, Post Office recently celebrated the many accomplishments of team members who demonstrated outstanding efforts.

When a 4-year-old boy went missing, City Carrier Betty Lutz found him a few blocks away from his home. Lutz contacted the authorities as well as the boy’s parents, and waited with the boy for help to arrive. After the boy’s parents appeared on scene, the curious child was more interested in asking for a ride in Lutz’s LLV than in going home.

City Carrier Toi Mills noticed one of her customers hadn’t picked up mail from the previous day. Out of concern for her elderly customer, Mills contacted the police and asked them to perform a welfare check. When law enforcement arrived, they found the customer on the floor where he had remained for two days. He was taken to the hospital shortly thereafter.

Acting Supervisor Heather Trimble observed that one her rural carriers seemed ill before going out on the route one morning. She monitored his condition and became concerned that he was in more trouble than he realized. Trimble stopped him from going out on his route, and soon thereafter, it became clear he was having a heart attack. Taking advice from a 911 operator, Trimble performed life-saving actions until the paramedics could arrive. The carrier made a full recovery.

Dennis Coberley, Michael Reschly, Bill Hassenfritz and Shirley Hecker each received a National Safety Council Million Mile Award for their dedication to safe driving for at least 30 years.

Carrier rescues boys from harm. “I just did what I thought was right”

Omaha, NE, City Carrier Noreen Mintken with Postmaster Keith Reid

Omaha, NE, City Carrier Noreen Mintken with Postmaster Keith Reid

Omaha, NE, City Carrier Noreen Mintken was delivering mail along her route recently when she heard what she thought was a car backfiring. Soon afterward, two young boys came running around the corner yelling, “They have a gun and they’re shooting!”

Mintken yelled for the boys to follow her behind a nearby building. They heard at least six more shots followed by squealing tires.

After several minutes of silence, the boys wanted to go see what happened. Mintken knew that was a dangerous idea. Instead, she walked the boys to the safety of the nearby Boys and Girls Club. Later, a police officer told Mintken she and the boys were just 50 feet away from the shooting.

“I really didn’t think much of it,” said Mintken. “I just did what I thought was right.”

Customer Services Manager Harleynda Wilcox appreciates Mintken’s actions and is gratified to have her on the team.

“As the South Omaha Station Manager, I was proud to hear how one of my carriers helped small children reach safety in the midst of gunfire and confusion that was very close,” said Wilcox.

Ladder slip leads to hospital trip

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

While Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell delivered along his route on Halloween, he thought he heard the faint sound of someone calling for help. When he traveled in the direction of the call, he spotted an older man on the ground bleeding from the back of his head.

Harold was in the process of climbing down the ladder on the side of his boat when his foot slipped through a rung. With his foot trapped in the ladder, he fell backwards, unable to brace himself against an impact with the ground.

Littrell found Harold and immediately dialed 911. While waiting for emergency responders to arrive, Littrell located a towel and placed it against the back of Harold’s head. He then obtained a blanket from the man’s garage and wrapped it around him to keep him warm. Once the paramedics arrived, Littrell returned to his route.

Harold’s wife was grateful for the assistance and sent a personal letter of thanks to Littrell.

“Thank you again for not only your service in delivering daily mail, but for going far beyond your responsibilities to be an ‘angel in the flesh’ in my husband’s time of need!” said Julie.

Technician rescues driver from severe rollover

Great Bend, KS, Data Collection Technician Kevin Boese

Great Bend, KS, Data Collection Technician Kevin Boese

When Great Bend, KS, Data Collection Technician Kevin Boese recently witnessed a vehicle rollover accident while returning from a mail test, he immediately acted to assist the occupant. The task of reaching the driver wasn’t easy.

The vehicle rolled off the road multiple times until it came to a stop upside-down in a field. Boese climbed through rough terrain in the dark to reach the vehicle.

Boese is a National Guard reservist who served two tours in Iraq. His experience allowed him to quickly reach the driver who was bleeding profusely from injuries sustained in the accident. Fortunately for the lone vehicle occupant, she chose to wear a seat belt and avoided a 2-inch steel pipe that had pierced the vehicle and entered the cockpit. Boese called 911 and remained with the woman providing the support he could until emergency responders arrived.

“Kevin is an exemplary individual who always goes above and beyond to do what’s right,” said Central Plains Statistical Programs Supervisor Carleen Currier. “He’s exactly who I’d want to help me if I were in an accident.”

Service award recipient saves choking colleague

Dodge City, KS, City Carrier Rex Romesburg

Dodge City, KS, City Carrier Rex Romesburg

Dodge City, KS, Postmaster Dorothy Briseno-Bremer recently had the pleasure of presenting City Carrier Rex Romesburg with a 40-year service recognition award and pin.

Romesburg started his career as a part-time flexible employee working 2-10:30 a.m. for three years before deciding to become a carrier. For him, the decision was one of the best career moves he ever made.

“If you like what you do, you will work hard at it,” he said.

Romesburg enjoys what he does for a living, and his customers reap the benefits of his enthusiasm. During an emergency, he’s also a person who leaps to action to protect fellow employees.

When a rural carrier associate (RCA) began choking on a meal last week, Romesburg quickly intervened and performed the Heimlich maneuver on him. The action saved the RCA’s life.

“Rex is a hard worker and takes pride in his job, his customers, and his co-workers,” said Briseno-Bremer. “It’s a pleasure to have him on our team.”

Call of life

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske was delivering along his route recently when he saw a customer on her porch. As soon as the customer spotted Paremske, she whispered “help me.” The woman looked to be in pain and in need of medical attention.

Paremske immediately called 911 and related the situation to the dispatcher. After the call, he remained with the customer until paramedics arrived. That’s when he discovered the woman had stomach surgery the previous day and was experiencing complications.

“Zach is a very conscientious employee and his quick action in this situation may have saved this customer’s life,” said Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski.

Carrier saves elderly man from hard fall

Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman

Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman

While Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman was delivering along his route recently, he heard desperate cries for help coming from of a nearby residence.

Bruggeman knew that the elderly man who lived at the home depended on a walker for mobility, and feared he had fallen. With great concern, the newly hired CCA immediately leaped into action to investigate.

When he knocked on the man’s door, he heard the man call for his help from the other side. Bruggeman entered the home and discovered that his customer had fallen several hours earlier and was unable to get up on his own.

Bruggeman called for emergency medical assistance and the man’s family to let them know what had happened. He then stayed with the man to provide comfort until help arrived.

“This young man was very composed and handled the situation well given the circumstances,” said Postmaster Alexis Basgall.

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