Time is Running Out – Send Those Holiday Packages Soon

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Are you still looking to mail packages to lucky recipients for Christmas? If so, you should plan on doing it soon.

Tomorrow, Sat. 20, is the last day to send items via First-Class Mail and Priority Mail through the Postal Service to ensure arrival by Dec. 25. If you miss that deadline, there’s still an opportunity to make sure packages arrive by Christmas, but only through Priority Mail Express mailed no later than Dec. 23.

To help packages arrive at their destinations in a timely manner, follow these easy tips before sealing the box:

  • Print addresses clearly and include all address elements, such as apartment numbers and directional information (ex: 123 S Main St. Apt. 2B)
  • Remove batteries from toys. Wrap and place them next to the toys in the mailing box. Customers should include the new batteries in the original packaging.
  • Place a card inside the package that contains the delivery and return address. This ensures the package can be delivered or returned should the mailing label become damaged or fall off.
  • Never guess a ZIP Code. NO ZIP is better than a WRONG ZIP.
  • Include both “to” and “from” information on packages – and only on one side.
  • Do NOT reuse mailing boxes – they weaken in the shipping process.
  • Select a box that is strong enough to protect the contents. Priority Mail and Priority Express boxes are free at the local post office.
  • Leave space for cushioning inside.
  • Stuff glass and fragile, hollow items, like vases, with newspaper or packing material to avoid damage. When mailing framed photographs, take the glass out of the frame and wrap it separately.

Snowy Smiles Help Brighten the Season

Smiling service

This festive fellow above was created by Sheldon, IA, Retail Associates Travis Martens and Debbie Kruger.

The “snowman carrier” may not have the ability to personally deliver cheer to homes within the local community, but he does have a keen talent for brightening the spirits of all who enter the Sheldon Post Office.

Be cool

Laughlin, NV, Retail Associates Lisa Feurer (pictured above) and April Rosser created a Priority Mail snowman to help bring cheer to others. The jolly creation also encourages customers  to be cool, and to use Priority Mail to ship their holiday packages.

2014 Postal Coloring Page

2014 postal coloring page

Hello all, Benny here.

This year’s postal coloring page by Earl Musick is a hoot. I love the festive design with the recently released Rudolph stamp series. It reminds me of when the delightful images of Rudolph first appeared on screen and the thrill I received while watching them. Even after many decades since its release, I still find joy in watching the television show, and I hope you do as well.

If you want a larger version of the page, click on the image above.

I received a copy of some terrific artwork by 4-year old Payton from Hanna, WY, who added his own creative talents to the page. He gave his special version to Hanna Postmaster Deborah Dancik, and she promptly placed it on her office door to showcase his vision. I thought I’d share the colorful page with you below to help brighten your day as much as it did mine.

Have a great holiday season everyone!




2014 Payton coloring page



Metro Post

City Carrier Assistant Vaughn Strachan prepares his Metro Post deliveries.

City Carrier Assistant Vaughn Strachan prepares his Metro Post deliveries.

On Tuesday, Nov. 25, the Glendale Main Post Office in Arizona introduced a delivery service that lets customer receive items purchased online faster than ever.

Glendale joins with Scottsdale Hopi Station and Tempe Main to provide Metro Post service, a same day delivery option for customers who purchase items from participating e-commerce sites by 2 p.m.

The service is designed for customers who need more immediate access to items purchased online and provides them with a same day delivery option from e-commerce sites and their associated retailers that participate in the program.

Metro Post is currently available only within defined metropolitan areas for delivery on normal USPS delivery days.

Trunk Delivery

Postal kid

Creighton Wilkinson, son of Lawson, MO, Postmaster Chris Wilkinson, enjoys making the rounds during Halloween.


Busy lifestyles rarely lend themselves to an abundance of spare time. Pausing to complete tasks such as watering the yard, taking out the trash, and other important responsibilities might take time away from other pressing matters. The same can also be true for waiting on the delivery of a package. With that in mind, a potential plan from a shipping company might have an interesting solution for people on the go.

DHL, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post AG, is currently working with Volvo to introduce a method for package recipients to have their items delivered to the trunks of their vehicles. If the plan comes to fruition, a customer could instruct the shipper to deliver an expected item to the trunk of his or her Volvo. The delivery driver would have one-time access to the trunk for package drop off, but only after the customer accepts the package via text prior to delivery.

The shipper is currently in talks with other vehicle manufacturers about the potential to introduce trunk delivery to owners of other vehicle types as well. If the plan becomes reality, package recipients may have the opportunity to avoid waiting for delivery or travelling to a distribution facility to pick up their special items.

Do you think the U.S. Postal Service could forge a deal with automotive manufacturers to create a similar delivery option for its customers?

Rural Carrier Helps Stop Potential Wildfire

JeffCo Commissioner Donald Rosier presents Golden, CO, Rural Carrier Bob Trujillo the Citizen’s Coin.

JeffCo Commissioner Donald Rosier presents Golden, CO, Rural Carrier Bob Trujillo the Citizen’s Coin.

While delivering mail on his route, Golden, CO, Rural Carrier Robert Trujillo, smelled smoke.

He discovered a small brushfire near the home of a customer who he had recently seen drive away from the residence several minutes earlier. Because he had no cell phone service, he drove to a nearby home and asked the resident to call the fire department. The female resident called 911 while her husband went to help Trujillo fight the fire.

The two dug a line in the dirt around the fire, using their feet and large sticks.

Foothills Fire Chief Brian Zoril presents Trujillo with an honorary fireman’s cap.

Foothills Fire Chief Brian Zoril presents Trujillo with an honorary fireman’s cap.

A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy soon arrived on scene and assisted until the Fire Department arrived later. The deputy on the scene wrote this, “When I arrived there was a lot of smoke but not much fire due to the line that Robert built around the fire. The wind was blowing out of the South East at about 10 miles an hour with strong gusts.”

Trujillo was recently honored with a Postmaster General’s “Hero’s Award,” presented by Colorado/Wyoming USPS District Manager Selwyn Epperson. He was also honored by all three Jefferson County Commissioners with a Citizen’s Coin and by Foothills Fire Chief Brian Zoril, who presented him with a fireman’s protective hat.

According to Zoril, the fire would have reached the home if Trujillo hadn’t taken action. The house was far enough off the road that a fire wouldn’t have been spotted otherwise.

“We’ve seen small fires turn into large fires,” said Zoril. “Who knows what could have happened.”

“He’s not only a hero, he’s a great carrier,” said USPS Customer Service Supervisor Barbara Pacheco. “Robert is efficient and reliable. He gives great service and is a model to others. So it was no surprise that he would do something like this.”

Hackers Targeting Your Holiday Purchases

Hackers targeting your holiday purchases

An email from a well-known retailer arrives in your inbox confirming a recent purchase. It looks authentic and includes the company’s logo as well as what looks like a genuine link to its website. You don’t recall the specific purchase mentioned in the email, but decide to click on the link to see what it’s about.

That click just opened your computer to the whims of a nefarious cyber intruder.

Just in time for the holidays, hackers are simulating purchase emails from well-known retailers to email accounts across the country. Their hope is that an unsuspecting individual will click on the link and give the hacker access to that person’s computer.

Beyond the search for personal data, access to a person’s computer allows a scammer to use it as their own personal robot, free to send spam and other electronic instructions to others in the hopes of furthering their wicked intent.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of these despicable individuals.

If you receive an email such as the one described above, do not click on an embedded link. Links can be modified to look like an authentic website, but direct a curious clicker to an entirely different site.

To verify the authenticity of the email, open up a separate browser window and manually type in the company website. You can peruse account details from there.

Stay safe this holiday season by remaining vigilant against cyber humbugs.

The Perfect Holiday Accessory

Winter fun Baubles Santa Clause Forever Christmas Magi RudolphHanukka Kwanzaa Poinsettia

Many people across the country will flock to their local Post Office in the coming weeks to drop off their special cards, letters and packages. While there, be sure to consider the purchase of unique holiday stamps to accompany both current and future messages.

Each unique design will add character and a seasonal charm to messages contained inside cards and letters. They’ll also become an instant reminder of the thrill and excitement of the holiday season as well as a memorable keepsake when viewed years and possibly many generations from now.

Click on any stamp to learn more about it on usps.com.

Shipping Companies Could Refuse Packages This Holiday Season

Shipping companies could refuse packages

A slowly recovering economy and intense competition could prompt business to ramp up their sales promotions this holiday season. While this has the potential to increase spending by consumers tempted by irresistible deals, some might find that getting items delivered to their homes may have to wait until after the holiday rush.

FedEx and UPS both announced plans this year to work with major businesses to ensure a smooth, timely delivery flow. Last minute sales, however, could add unanticipated pressure to shipper delivery networks. This might have the potential to adversely impact operations and reduce delivery fluidity. If such a situation occurs, it could become necessary for the two shippers to increase the cost of their package services, and perhaps even prompt them to refuse the business if it threatens to overwhelm the network.

If their delivery networks suffer a repeat performance of last year’s delays, both shipping companies may find themselves with the tough decision of introducing higher shipping charges specifically for the holidays in 2015. This could cause online shoppers to abandon their shopping carts at checkout when faced with higher than expected shipping charges, and might even result in an unexpected revenue decline for businesses during their most profitable time of the year.

As the holiday season progresses, only time will tell if advanced preparation by UPS and FedEx is sufficient to handle actual volumes this year.

Be a Holiday Hero

Framed Batman stamps

Are you looking for a special gift to present to a friend or loved on this season? Then stop by usps.com to pick up a unique item that sure to light up their smile.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Batman, the Postal Service recently issued a special stamp set featuring the iconic hero  in eight unique designs in a sheet of 20 stamps. Four versions of the iconic DC Comics super hero are depicted from four eras of comic book history. There are also four incarnations of the Bat-Signal to complement the collection.

This special stamp sheet of Batman Forever stamps is showcased in a triple matted 13 1/2 x 12 1/2-inch frame with colors that accent the stamp artwork. Beneath the stamp, a brass plate is inscribed with the First Day of Issue details.

Presented in a gold frame with a black edge, the piece also includes a dust cover and sawtooth hanger on the back for easy display.

To order this one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone, click here or go to usps.com.


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