Keep your mail safe while on vacation with Hold Mail Service

Next gen mailbox

Going somewhere for vacation this summer? Don’t forget to put your mail on hold while you’re gone.

Hold Mail Service will keep your mail safely at your local Post Office until you return. You can schedule the service up to 30 days in advance, or by 2 a.m. CST on the start date. Mail can be held at your Post Office for any timeframe between 3 and 30 consecutive days. On the end date, your carrier will deliver your held mail.

Each address can have one Hold Mail Service scheduled at a time. All mail will be held, rather than an individual’s mail. For more information on Hold Mail Service, click here.

If you’ll be away from home longer than 30 days, there’s another option to make sure you continue to receive your mail on a regular basis. Premium Forwarding Service will hold mail, package it, and ship it to you each week for a weekly fee. The service can be used from 2 weeks up to 1 year. For more information on Premium Forwarding Service, click here.

Act of Kindness

Shadle-Garland Station City Carrier Clinton Dewey.

Shadle-Garland Station City Carrier Clinton Dewey.

During the holidays, many people go through the annual ritual of planning a holiday meal and prepping for a trip to visit relatives. For one particular family, that ritual may have included a sour snag if not for the vigilance of their eagle-eyed carrier.

City Carrier Clinton Dewey from the Shadle-Garland Station in Spokane, WA, carried his route on Thanksgiving eve like any other day. Unlike any other day, however, he spotted a potential problem when he came across the open garage door of one of his customers.

Dewey knew the customer didn’t normally leave the garage door open. He attempted to ask the homeowners about the garage, but when they didn’t answer, he asked a neighbor instead. Once the neighbor confirmed that the owners normally kept their garage door closed, Dewey entered the garage, pressed the button to seal the door, and left before it closed.

The Poirier family had left town Wednesday morning to visit relatives and didn’t return until Sunday evening. Both Dewey and the neighbor informed the Poiriers of their oversight the following day.

If not for Dewey’s actions, the open garage door would have given access to the home for any who wanted it.

The Poiriers were so grateful to Dewey that they wrote a 2-page letter to his office praising his conscientiousness.

“This awareness on his part, and the added time to follow through and perform this act of kindness saved our family from what could have been a huge loss,” said the Poiriers in their letter. “There are good people in this world, and he is one of them.”

Determined Employees Save Family Vacation of a Lifetime

Determined employees

All across America, families use the summer months to enjoy well-earned vacations to their favorite destinations. For the Stewart family, this included a luxurious stay aboard a cruise ship. A delay in receiving their passports, however, threatened to dash their hopes of enjoying an experience of a lifetime.

Though their passports were ready the day before their trip and sent to them via four Priority Mail Express envelopes, the family’s early morning flight the next day from Montana to Washington would prevent them from receiving the needed documents in time. That’s when the family turned to USPS for help.

Helena, MT, Postmaster Tabitha Stephenson took the call and made it her mission to ensure the family received their much needed items. She reached out to her USPS contacts, ultimately connecting with Seattle Transportation/Networks Manager David Stephens. Together, they were able to locate and retrieve the Priority Mail Express envelopes, but the job wasn’t finished yet.

Stephens arranged to connect with the family upon their arrival at the Seattle Airport where he delivered the much anticipated envelopes prior to their departure for the dock. For his efforts in saving the family vacation, Stephens received a thankful hug from Mrs. Stewart.

“USPS has very dedicated employees, and when put to the test, they really go the extra mile to make a delivery,” said Stephens. “A smile on a customer’s face makes it all worth it.”

“These are the type of things that change our customer perspective!” said Stephenson.

Summer Fun

Hello all, Benny here. The summer months are quickly coming to a close and I wanted to share with you a few of the photos I took during some of the journeys I was fortunate to enjoy. I hope you like them!

Did you take some interesting photos during a fun, adventurous vacation this summer too? I’d sure like to see them! Send them to me at along with a brief description of where you went and I’ll share them others right here on Your Postal Blog.

Thank you, and have a great rest of the summer!



Managing Stress Through Vacations

Antarctica J&K

Vacations are a fun, relaxing way to get away from the hustle and bustle at work. They help to de-stress the body and mind while simultaneously recharging both to handle the rigors of the road ahead.

Studies have shown that stress can cause serious health problems for those that choose not to address it. Taking regular vacations can help reduce stress by melting away accumulated strain and tension. They also have the potential to increase longevity and make someone a more productive person both on and off the job.

Here’s how Arizona District Safety Specialist Kirk Lenertz manages his stress.

“Last month I went on a 10-day expedition to Antarctica with my wife. We started the adventure in Ushuaia, Argentina which is the southern most continually inhabited city in the world. We made the 600 miles Drake Passage crossing in two days and then spent five days along the Antarctic Peninsula making three landings on the continent.

“We were unable to post any postcards because we did not go to any of the research stations in the area we travelled. The furthest south we got was 65 degrees south which was 90 miles from the Antarctic Circle and 1150 miles from the south pole. On the two-day return to Ushuaia, we experienced 35 foot waves after leaving the South Shetland Islands.  A memorable trip filled with wildlife including whales, seals, penguins and albatross in addition to magnificent scenery.

“This trip completed my quest of setting foot on all seven continents and was my 90th country I have been to in my travels.”

Vacations don’t have to be expensive to be effective. A weekend stay at a campground, lake, beach, and other natural places of wonder can be fun and relaxing without taking a large bite out of a budget.

Where were some of your most relaxing vacations?

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