Act of Kindness

Shadle-Garland Station City Carrier Clinton Dewey.

Shadle-Garland Station City Carrier Clinton Dewey.

During the holidays, many people go through the annual ritual of planning a holiday meal and prepping for a trip to visit relatives. For one particular family, that ritual may have included a sour snag if not for the vigilance of their eagle-eyed carrier.

City Carrier Clinton Dewey from the Shadle-Garland Station in Spokane, WA, carried his route on Thanksgiving eve like any other day. Unlike any other day, however, he spotted a potential problem when he came across the open garage door of one of his customers.

Dewey knew the customer didn’t normally leave the garage door open. He attempted to ask the homeowners about the garage, but when they didn’t answer, he asked a neighbor instead. Once the neighbor confirmed that the owners normally kept their garage door closed, Dewey entered the garage, pressed the button to seal the door, and left before it closed.

The Poirier family had left town Wednesday morning to visit relatives and didn’t return until Sunday evening. Both Dewey and the neighbor informed the Poiriers of their oversight the following day.

If not for Dewey’s actions, the open garage door would have given access to the home for any who wanted it.

The Poiriers were so grateful to Dewey that they wrote a 2-page letter to his office praising his conscientiousness.

“This awareness on his part, and the added time to follow through and perform this act of kindness saved our family from what could have been a huge loss,” said the Poiriers in their letter. “There are good people in this world, and he is one of them.”

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