World Post Day

World post day 2015

Traditionally observed every year on October 9, World Post Day was created back in 1969 by the Universal Postal Union as a way to create awareness of the Postal Service, its people, and the impact it has on the lives of citizens around the globe. This Friday, people from around the world will celebrate the day, and postal organizations world-wide will engage in activities and promotions to increase awareness of the Postal Service and the impact it has on the lives of the world’s population.

For individuals who’d like to join in on the fun, mail a special letter or card to a friend of family member, even if it’s just to say hello and let that person know you’re thinking about them. Besides enjoying a surprise message from you, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of the unexpected arrival in the mail, and it might also encourage them to reciprocate.

Mail continues to have a meaningful impact in society, even in a digital age. Besides its tactile and visual appeal, no message creates as much joy, wonder, and intrigue than those lovingly sent and eagerly received in the mail.

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Postal Network Still Relevant in Modern World

World Post Day 2

This past Wednesday, World Post Day was celebrated around the world. As part of his message during the annual celebration, Universal Postal Union Director Bishar Hussein stressed the relevance of the postal network in the modern world.

“Posts remain important facilitators of national and international trade in this constantly evolving world,” said Hussein. “The postal network, with more than 600,000 post offices, remains the largest physical network on the planet and a fundamental infrastructure for large segments of the economy.”

He also stressed the importance of the online shopping revolution in the evolution of the postal network.

“As ecommerce grows, postal services are positioning themselves as the delivery service of choice for goods ordered online,” said Hussein.

Hussein also advocated the expansion of financial services at post offices, stating that offering such services in locations where traditional banking may not be widely available would help ensure access to the system by all who need it.

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