Home flooding averted thanks to keen-eyed carrier


The Postmaster of Littleton, CO, received a letter from a customer who wanted to thank her letter carrier, Jon Crane, for stopping … a home flood.

A pipe leading outdoors to a sprinkler system had burst during a cold snap while the customer was away from home. While on his route, Crane noticed the gushing water, walked over and turned off the valve.

“He was the reason my basement had only two inches of water instead of two feet, saving our home untold damage,” the customer wrote.

Carriers help each other stay safe in the summer sun

Mesa City Carrier Robin Henderson, Customer Services Manager Alice Gonzalez, and City Carrier Nikki Synodis.

Mesa City Carrier Robin Henderson, Customer Services Manager Alice Gonzalez, and City Carrier Nikki Synodis.

Mesa City Carrier Robin Henderson was on her route in the hot Arizona sun when she decided to check on a new City Carrier Assistant to see how he was faring in the heat. She found the gentleman with two hours left on his route and no water to help stay hydrated.

Henderson knew the importance of drinking water regularly to avoid dehydration and heat-related illnesses. She conveyed her concern to the CCA and stressed the importance of drinking plenty of water during the hot summer months. She also gave him the rest of the water she had left with her. Later on, she located and washed uniforms he could use to help protect him from the sun and presented them to him the following day.

When Mesa Postmaster Yolanda Stenson found out about the CCA’s hydration deficiency, she discussed the matter with him to reinforce the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day. That’s when the CCA told her about the tough decision he had to make between buying a larger water container and heat-friendly clothing or purchasing enough food to feed his family. Stenson told him that she’d see what could be done about helping him with his situation and gave him the water she had before he went on his route.

Before Stenson could leave the office to buy supplies for the CCA, she discovered that Customer Services Manager Alice Gonzalez had already purchased a large water container, a cooler, a case of Gatorade, and heat-friendly clothing for the CCA using personal funds. City Carrier and Safety Captain Nikki Synodis also regularly checked on the CCA to make sure he was staying hydrated.

“I’m proud of my team,” said Stenson. “We truly have a culture of safety and do everything we can to help keep each other safe.”

Severe Flooding Wreaks Havoc on Border Towns

Photos courtesy of MDZ Photography.

Photo courtesy of MDZ Photography.

During a severe flash flood in Colorado City, AZ, and Hildale, UT, last week, a powerful collection of water, mud and debris coursed its way down city streets, underneath bridges, and across the land. Search and rescue personnel worked tirelessly to find those swept up in the flooding, though not everyone could be saved.

While the aftermath of the storm required substantial effort and heavy machinery to clear, the Colorado City Post Office, which also serves the Hildale community, withstood nature’s fury relatively unscathed.

Post Office staff avoided injury from the destructive storm and opened the office for business as schedule the next day.

On a Cloudy Day

On a cloudy day

This image of the Mississippi River taken along the Stone Arch Bridge passes directly next to the Main Post Office in Minneapolis, MN. The sound of flowing water can sometimes be a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the large office on a busy day.

Melodic sounds are sometimes associated with a more pleasant demeanor and brighter outlook throughout one’s day. They’ve also been known to help increase motivation when the end of the day needs a little encouragement to appear.

When you have the opportunity to listen to sounds, music, or other forms of audio motivation, what do you choose to listen to?

Postal Meter Monitoring

Postal Meter Readers

Many businesses across the nation are looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining good service for their customers. Sometimes that cost-cutting effort involves contracting work out to other companies. If that trend is embraced by utility companies, could the Postal Service offer a way for such providers to save money?

The Postal Service delivers mail to every address in the nation. Each occupied property generally has a utility service connected to it. Physical verification of data provided by monitoring equipment at these properties is essential to maintain accurate billing for the associated utility company. Instead of sending their own employees to record such data, a postal carrier could record the information instead.

Postal carriers know their routes well. They always deliver, many times in inclement weather, and customers trust the Postal Service name. A utility company could hire the Postal Service to regularly monitor and record data at each address that a carrier will already be visiting. The process will not only save money for the utility company while generating additional revenue for the Postal Service, the reduction in property visitation overlap could also help reduce greenhouse gasses and protect the environment.

Do you think a utility company hiring the Postal Service to record monitoring information is a good business fit?

Saving Money and the Environment

This month is National Energy Action Month, and the Postal Service is continuing to champion the cause of going green. Using low and no cost methods to reduce energy has saved USPS $22 million alone in 2011 through 1,000 energy reduction projects. It has also reduced energy use by more than 25 percent since 2003.

Working towards a more environmentally friendly world begins on the local level. Switching off lights when not in use, shutting down computers when away for extended periods of time, and using more energy efficient light bulbs are just a few ways to reduce costs without breaking the bank. Many opportunities to reduce energy consumption come at the inexpensive price of simply being aware of how to use resources more efficiently.

The Postal Service has specific goals to help reduce costs and improve efficiency even further including:

  • Reduction of facility energy use by 30 percent by 2015,
  • Reduction of water usage by 10 percent by 2015,
  • Diversion of 50 percent of solid waste from landfills by 2015, and
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

Everyone plays an important role in reducing costs and protecting the environment. The Postal Service will continue to encourage employees to find even more ways to help make its environmental footprint even smaller.

What other green suggestions do you have for reducing energy use and landfill waste?

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