Carriers refuse to let missing street clog up delivery

Las Cruces, NM, Letter Carrier Jeremiah Dyer

Las Cruces, NM, Letter Carrier Jeremiah Dyer

Replacing a sewer line can be a messy job. In Las Cruces, NM, resident Paul Funk’s case, it also required the removal of the street in front of his home. Delivering mail to his address would have been problematic under the circumstances, but his determined carriers didn’t let the absence of easy access to Funk’s mailbox clog up his mail delivery.

Funk snapped a photo of Letter Carrier Jeremiah Dyer going the extra length to deliver his mail. He shared it and an email of thanks to Customer Service Manager Sherri Schnyder praising both Dyer and Ray Flores who dutifully deliver mail to his hard-to-reach mailbox.

“The city of Las Cruces is replacing sewer and water lines in front of our rental house, and there is a hole that could hide a freight train where the street used to be,” said Funk in his email. “Yet every day letters appear in the box at the end of our driveway! I was impressed by his fortitude last week when I saw our letter carrier climbing the sand pile to reach the door of the mailbox, which of course faced the wrong way for access by foot. I snapped a picture. The next day I asked our other letter carrier, who makes the same herculean effort, how I could share the photo (thinking there might be a journal or newsletter for postal workers?) and he provided your contact info.

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor missing street, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” added Funk.

Postal Meter Monitoring

Postal Meter Readers

Many businesses across the nation are looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining good service for their customers. Sometimes that cost-cutting effort involves contracting work out to other companies. If that trend is embraced by utility companies, could the Postal Service offer a way for such providers to save money?

The Postal Service delivers mail to every address in the nation. Each occupied property generally has a utility service connected to it. Physical verification of data provided by monitoring equipment at these properties is essential to maintain accurate billing for the associated utility company. Instead of sending their own employees to record such data, a postal carrier could record the information instead.

Postal carriers know their routes well. They always deliver, many times in inclement weather, and customers trust the Postal Service name. A utility company could hire the Postal Service to regularly monitor and record data at each address that a carrier will already be visiting. The process will not only save money for the utility company while generating additional revenue for the Postal Service, the reduction in property visitation overlap could also help reduce greenhouse gasses and protect the environment.

Do you think a utility company hiring the Postal Service to record monitoring information is a good business fit?

More Pain Than Gain for Digital Statements

More pain than gain

There are some who might say digital versions of financial, utility, and other monthly statements are superior to mailed versions. Digital statements are accessible on any computer, printable on demand, and securely stored on a company website. While these might be perceived as valuable benefits, their value against the mailed version is no contest.

Accessing a statement from a company website involves recalling a password, sifting through various menu options, and downloading it onto a personal computer. Retrieving that same statement in the mail involves pulling an envelope out of a box and opening it.

Keeping a copy of a mailed document requires dropping it in a filing cabinet or other storage area. Retaining a copy from a digital source requires printing out a copy before storage.

Storing mailed documents in a filing cabinet can be retained for as long as an individual likes. A company website doesn’t keep statements available indefinitely, and will often purge older documents after a certain length of time.

With the many positive benefits mailed statements have over digital versions, the advantages speak for themselves.

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