Vigilant Employee Saves Family Trip

Vigilant employee

Customer Service Supervisor Rochelle Peralta offers an exemplary level of customer service.

Tigard, OR, Customer Service Supervisor Rochelle Peralta recently received a personal letter of thanks from Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe for superior customer service. The text of the letter is as follows:

“Dear Ms. Peralta,
I want you to know how much I personally appreciate the service you provided your customer, Ms. Andrea Shafer.

Ms. Shafer’s complimentary letter truly reveals you make a difference in the way our customers view the Postal Service by providing the best service and value possible. Actions like yours have led to record customer satisfaction scores and will help us maintain our commitment to quality customer service.

Thank you for representing the United States Postal Service as a true professional and for providing our customers with a positive, meaningful experience!



Patrick R. Donahoe”

The story behind the letter began with a piece of Priority Mail sent from Las Vegas, NV, to Tigard, OR, on Dec. 16 with an estimated delivery date of Dec. 18. When the delivery date was missed, the customer called the USPS Help Line and was given the phone number for the Tigard Post Office. Peralta answered the call and was both helpful and sympathetic.

The Priority Mail piece arrived at the Tigard office on Sunday, Dec. 21, and Peralta immediately notified the customer and arranged for her sister to pick up the package that day. The item arrived just in the nick of time as it contained tickets to Disneyland and the recipients were flying out that day to the Magic Kingdom.

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