Neighborhood Mail

When a neighbor receives an item addressed to you, that usually means it didn’t end up where it was supposed to. A new plan, if implemented by Royal Mail, will make such deliveries a common practice.

A new strategy, tested successfully by Royal Mail, hopes to permit its carriers to leave items with a neighbor if the actual recipient isn’t at home. If implemented, the process should enable the recipient to take delivery of their items on the day of the attempted delivery. The new policy also has the potential to reduce re-handling and delivery costs for the mail service.

Royal Mail hopes to begin full-scale implementation of the new process later on this fall, just in time for the Christmas season.

Do you think this process is something the USPS should consider?

Kaizen for the Future

Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement. It means constantly looking for small ways to improve a business, implementing changes, testing the results, and then either adopting the change or moving on. The Postal Service is currently going through its own Kaizen. It’s looking for ways to improve the business process by implementing changes that can add up to big results.

Ideas for changes can come from any member of an organization. They can come from any craft, pay scale, or tour. They can occur while placing a letter in a mailbox, running automated equipment, or replacing a belt on a machine. Everyone can contribute to change, and it only takes one idea to help an organization in a big way.

Suggesting a new way to recycle at a facility, a better way to run mail on a machine, or a more efficient route for mail flow are just a few examples of how change can apply to almost any segment of the business. Ideas can occur at any time and any place. No suggestion of change is insignificant, and any idea has the potential to improve the business.

The next time an idea for positive change crosses your mind, tell someone about it here or here. It could be a ticket to the next opportunity for Kaizen.

What small improvement for the Postal Service would you like to see implemented?

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