Coloring Page Contest

Coloring page 2015 contest

Recently, Newburg, MO, Post Office Retail Associate Leann Mcnew met with a local school and proposed a coloring contest for pre-school and kindergarten classes. When the school enthusiastically accepted, Mcnew provided them with copies of the 2015 Postal Coloring Page creatively designed by Earl Musick

Students at the school added their colorful design touches to the page and submitted them for entry into the contest. Four winners were selected by customers of the Newburg Post Office. Postmaster Jim Woodman and Mcnew presented a Christmas stocking to each of the winners at the school.

“The contest provided a way for me to give back to a community that has been so gracious to me,” said Mcnew.

Snowy Smiles Help Brighten the Season

Smiling service

This festive fellow above was created by Sheldon, IA, Retail Associates Travis Martens and Debbie Kruger.

The “snowman carrier” may not have the ability to personally deliver cheer to homes within the local community, but he does have a keen talent for brightening the spirits of all who enter the Sheldon Post Office.

Be cool

Laughlin, NV, Retail Associates Lisa Feurer (pictured above) and April Rosser created a Priority Mail snowman to help bring cheer to others. The jolly creation also encourages customers  to be cool, and to use Priority Mail to ship their holiday packages.

Winter Visitor Spreads Joy During Winter Storm

Priority Mail Snowman

Retail Associate Brandie Davis poses with the Priority Mail snowman she and fellow Retail Associate Clint Nash contructed during their lunch break.

On December 19, a cold winter storm swept across the land in Salt Lake City, UT. Vehicles slowed on the road to avoid accidents, and many businesses found customer traffic equally sluggish.  Retail Associates Brandie Davis and Clint Nash didn’t let the stormy conditions dampen their holiday spirits.

During their lunch break, Davis and Nash constructed the winter Priority Mail snowman pictured above. The festive creation not only greeted customers as they visited their local Post Office, it also served as a get well icon for an injured colleague.

Written on the Priority Mail box is the name of a fellow retail associate with the destination of Get Well, UT.

The friendly creation is sure to spread joy not only to postal patrons, but a valued member of the postal family as well.

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