Carrier credited with saving community from dangerous gas leak

Salt Lake City, UT, Murray Branch City Carrier Brian Whipple

While Salt Lake City, UT, Murray Branch City Carrier Brian Whipple was on his route recently, he noticed a familiar odor. The rotten egg smell infused into natural gas filled the air, and he knew it could spell trouble if not addressed immediately.

Whipple picked up his phone and called the local natural gas company. A company representative thanked him for the information and Whipple continued on his route.

When the company investigated the leak, it discovered a break in the main line. The company evacuated three nearby homes and placed their occupants in a hotel until the situation could be resolved.

Soon after residents were allowed to return to their homes, one customer sent a thank you card to Whipple for his conscientious actions.

“Thank you so much for sniffing gas!” the letter stated. “It’s not much, but I wanted to get you a little something for being alert and preventing my house from blowing up.

“Thanks again! You do a fantastic job and always go above and beyond. I appreciate it!”

Quick Action to Strong Smell Prevents Potential Disaster

Marion, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tassie Britton.

Marion, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tassie Britton.

While Marion, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tassie Britton delivered mail along her Florence, KS, city route recently, she encountered a strange smell. The aroma wasn’t pleasant and she quickly recognized it as natural gas.

Britton saw customer Belinda Robinson and asked her if she also smelled the gas. Robinson confirmed Britton’s assessment and the two investigated the area to determine the cause of the leak. Shortly thereafter, they found what they were looking for.

The driver of a satellite service truck had backed into a gas meter and didn’t realize it. Britton knew the potentially volatile situation could cause great harm if not immediately addressed, so she told Robinson to call the gas company. Fortunately, an employee with the company was taking care of an unrelated matter nearby and arrived quickly to stop the leak.

“Tassie is a conscientious employee always looking out for her customers,” said Marion Postmaster Lori Kelsey. “She goes above and beyond to get the job done and is a great asset to the United States Postal Service. We are pleased to have her as part of our team.”

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