Harvesting Global Opportunities

International package transparency

International posts are finding innovative ways to grow despite declining mail volume around the globe.Royal Mail’s European parcel business GLS has expanded its FlexDeliveryService to France and brought Saturday and evening deliveries to Berlin and Munich. FlexDeliveryService provides delivery notifications by email or text messages, and allows recipients to select preferred delivery times.Norway Post credits its cost-cutting efforts and restructuring for achieving revenue growth this year. As with other posts, the company has seen steep declines in letter mail and increased demand for parcel delivery and logistics.Singapore Post has said online shopping now accounts for as much as 27 percent of its revenue. The company has used its strategic location to reshape itself into an e-commerce shipping powerhouse for the Asia-Pacific region.E-commerce also helped sustain “strong” third quarter revenues for Belgium’s bpost, which saw domestic parcel volumes up more than 10 percent over last year.

Printing Gifts at the Post Office


In many parts of the world, 3D printing technology is expanding rapidly. From large businesses to libraries, the popular machines are increasing in popularity for their versatility and convenience. Royal Mail recently introduced a version of the handy printers to its customers, but the Post is not alone. Another Postal Service also introduced the technology within a handful of its modern stores, and demand has thus far been encouraging.

SingPost, Singapore’s Post Office, has modified a number of its retail facilities to integrate enhanced technological capabilities to appeal to the diverse needs of its customer base. Besides offering conveniently located parcel lockers and terminals with services similar to a USPS self-service kiosk such as label and stamp printing, customer can peruse available stamps and other products at stations equipped with tablet devices. They can also print small, 3D objects.

The new printers aren’t capable of printing everything a customer might desire, but expanded options are a possibility in the future. For now, the devices can replicate figurines and small accessories such as pendants. Customers can also have their faces scanned to customize the figurines before purchase.

SingPost intends to adapt more of its offices to the 24/7 auto-lobby concept going forward. The move will help provide convenient access to many services offered by the Post at a time that’s convenient for customers.

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