Creative Project Helps Eagle Scout Hopeful Earn Top Honor

Eagle Scout Parker Stoops with the fruit of his hard work.

Eagle Scout Parker Stoops with the fruit of his hard work.

On May 15th, 2014, Parker Stoops, age 16, passed the Eagle board of review making him an Eagle Scout. The project that helped Stoops earn this achievement – building and installing a new sign for the Stilwell, KS, Post Office.

Stoops approached then Officer in Charge Sam Malekyar and asked for permission to work on a project that would provide the Post Office with a new sign in front of the building. The current sign was made of wood and its age was starting to show. Upkeep on the old sign was made difficult by its condition. After consulting with her manager, Sam gave approval to Stoops to work on the project.

Stoops raised money and received donations for his project. He carefully crafted detailed plans, designed the sign, constructed it, and in April 2014, led a group of 7 boy scouts (accompanied by their parents) to remove the old sign and installed the new one. The new sign is made of PVC and the letters on it are engraved into the material. It’s also easy to maintain and will help keep the front of the Post Office an attractive area for years to come. As an additional measure, Stoops decided to plant flowers at the base of the sign.

For their hard work, Stoops and the other scouts were treated to pizza purchased personally by local management at the Stilwell, KS, Post Office.

Recycling Efforts Keep History for Curtis

Curtis PO

Photo by Michael Berger

It was a dark and stormy day on December 1, 2007 at the Curtis, WA, Post Office. Two super cells stalled over the source of two rivers and combined to produce 21″ of rainfall in a 24-hour period. Heavy rainfall sent muddy water eight feet deep flowing through the town, leaving the area caked in muck.

Once the storm had passed, the work of cleaning up the town commenced. Mud was scooped up and carted away. Buildings were cleared of debris and restored. The Post Office inside the Curtis Mercantile store did not escape unscathed. After much determined effort, the building was restored, and some of the original fixtures were reused in other ways. That includes the original counter top.

The counter top was still in fair condition, so rather than discard the long-time fixture in the building, its historical value was retained by giving it new life as a Curtis Post Office sign above the window. The sign is a welcome greeting to members of the community, and it helps preserves the long history of the office originally established in 1901.

What other types of recycling efforts have you encountered at a Post Office?

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