Bringing the Post Office to seniors


During the holidays, customers around the country visited their local Post Offices to send special messages and packages to people on their “nice” list. For some senior citizens, visiting the Post Office to handle their mailing needs can be a challenge. To overcome this obstacle, the Portland District Retail team decided to take the Post Office to seniors.

For the second year in a row, the Portland team visited several retirement living community centers to offer a full range of postal services. Retail Specialist June Norbom along with Creston Lead Retail Associate Desiree Freeman and Parkrose Lead Retail Associates Stephanie Kantola provided mailing expertise, positive attitude and exceptional service to seniors who couldn’t make the trip to the Post Office.

“We received many compliments,” said Norbom. “Seniors appreciated the service because without it, they could not send out a package.”


Above and Beyond: Colorado Springs Carrier Saves Life

City Carrier William Searuggs. Photo by: Linda Neill.

City Carrier William Searuggs. Photo by: Linda Neill.

City Carrier William Searuggs was delivering his Colorado Springs route on a cool January morning when he noticed a pool of blood on the porch near the mailbox. At the same time, he heard a cry from inside. “Help me. Please open the door and come in. Help me.”

Opening the door to the home and entering the residence, he first noticed blood on the wall, and then found his 86-year old customer on the floor, unable to get up, bleeding from the back of his head.

To reduce the flow of blood, Searuggs elevated the customer’s head, using a towel to stem the bleeding. He called 911 and stayed until first responders arrived.

According to family members, the customer had fallen on the porch, striking his head on the cement. He also suffered several broken ribs. The customer was able to walk inside, but grew dizzy and fell again.

Extensive local media coverage followed.

The daughter of the customer credits the carrier for saving her father’s life. “He was on blood thinners and probably didn’t have much longer to live,” she said.

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