Shipping Companies Could Refuse Packages This Holiday Season

Shipping companies could refuse packages

A slowly recovering economy and intense competition could prompt business to ramp up their sales promotions this holiday season. While this has the potential to increase spending by consumers tempted by irresistible deals, some might find that getting items delivered to their homes may have to wait until after the holiday rush.

FedEx and UPS both announced plans this year to work with major businesses to ensure a smooth, timely delivery flow. Last minute sales, however, could add unanticipated pressure to shipper delivery networks. This might have the potential to adversely impact operations and reduce delivery fluidity. If such a situation occurs, it could become necessary for the two shippers to increase the cost of their package services, and perhaps even prompt them to refuse the business if it threatens to overwhelm the network.

If their delivery networks suffer a repeat performance of last year’s delays, both shipping companies may find themselves with the tough decision of introducing higher shipping charges specifically for the holidays in 2015. This could cause online shoppers to abandon their shopping carts at checkout when faced with higher than expected shipping charges, and might even result in an unexpected revenue decline for businesses during their most profitable time of the year.

As the holiday season progresses, only time will tell if advanced preparation by UPS and FedEx is sufficient to handle actual volumes this year.

Taking Wing with Two Postal Success Stories

Delbert Marcum

Customer Connect Coordinator Delbert Marcum briefs fellow Colorado Springs carriers on how to identify new customers.

In February’s edition of Your Postal Podcast, go behind the scenes to see how baby chicks are shipped. You’ll also learn how letter carriers work as effective members of the Postal Service sales force with the help of Colorado Springs Carrier Delbert Marcum.

“If I can help one business gain enough revenue to hire one employee, and at the same time help the Post Office gain revenue, then my efforts will have been successful,” said Marcum on Customer Connect.

A roundup of the latest postal news and information on how you can enter to win a book featuring the Innovative Choreographers Forever Stamps concludes the podcast.

To read a transcript of the show, click here.

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Mobile Point of Sales

Retail Associate Roberta Castaneda helps a customer with her mailing.

Retail Associate Roberta Castaneda helps a customer with her mailing.

Currently in the testing phase of deployment, a Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) system allows lobby assistants to service customers in the lobby rather than at the retail counter.

The systems allows for simple retail transactions, such as stamp purchases, acceptance scans, and Priority Mail postage labels, and helps reduce overall wait time in line.

Priority Mail postage labels generated by the mPOS system includes the service commitment, tracking number, origin ZIP Code, date, and purchase amount.

The new system is currently being tested in 50 Post Offices across the nation to gauge effectiveness, including the Sierra Adobe, AZ, Post Office. Sierra Adobe Retail Associate Roberta Castaneda enjoys the opportunity to assist customers from outside the usual counter space.

“Roberta is enthusiastic and loves working with customers using the new technology,” said Arizona District Marketing Manager Corliss Douglas.

This latest innovative technology is one of the many examples of how the Postal Service is continuously enhancing its service to provide unparalleled value to its customers.

Sporting Sponsors

Sporting Sponsorships

Sponsorships have been around longer than most athletic competitions. Getting a product, concept, or idea in front of the public eye is a good way to promote the repetition of a brand name. To harness the full potential of those observations with the hope of converting them into revenue-generating actions by sports fans, one shipping company has taken a diversified approach to sporting sponsorships.

FedEx has had a strong interest in sponsoring sporting events for many years. Recently, the company renewed its partnership with the National Football League, extending sponsorship for another four years. The company also participates in the sponsorship of the National Basketball Association, PGA Tour, and profession auto racing.

Sport sponsorship has helped FedEx place its brand name in front of NFL fans since 2000. The company hopes that whenever someone thinks about shipping after watching the competition between two profession teams, FedEx is the name that comes out as the winner.

Do you think sporting sponsorships enhance a company’s brand name?

100 percent Customer Connect participation

Templeton carriers

Promoting postal services can help cultivate new sales and support strong future growth for the organization. For 75 sharp-eyed carriers at the Templeton Station in Colorado Springs, CO, spotting opportunities to promote USPS products and services is an active specialty.

On May 10, the carriers at Templeton were celebrated for achieving a 100 percent Customer Connect participation rate. Their hard work and determination to promote the business has allowed them to become the first large-scale facility in the Colorado/Wyoming District to achieve that level of success this fiscal year.

“It’s a terrific accomplishment because it hasn’t been done by an office this size,” said Colorado/Wyoming District Manager Selwyn Epperson.

To reward their remarkable success, Colorado Springs Postmaster Greg Penson provided the carriers with a breakfast burrito celebration.

Parcel Partners

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts?” This is particularly true for businesses that have a prominent name supported by a strong reputation. What happens when two of these businesses collaborate on a project? Would that increase their value even more? This is what businesses are hoping for when they partner with to install parcel lockers in their stores. is looking to install more parcel lockers in select locations across the nation. It offers the shipping option to customers who purchase smaller items as a convenient selling point in doing business with the Internet-based retail giant. Many businesses such as convenience stores, drugstores and grocery stores are welcoming the additional chance at increasing revenue as well as foot traffic into their businesses.

USPS has added its own version of parcel lockers, called gopost, in limited test locations to increase shipping convenience for its customers. Gopost offers three different locker sizes to accommodate different package dimensions and allows customers to pick up packages at a time more convenient for them.

Businesses that have a bank of parcel lockers at or near their location have the potential to enjoy increased sales from the additional foot traffic in the area. Establishing other partnerships in the mailing industry could be an effective way for two businesses to generate more revenue by working together than either business could make alone.

What other businesses do you think USPS could partner with to expand its revenue?

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