Bad smell leads to life-saving call

Bountiful, UT, City Carrier Sean Anderson.

Bountiful, UT, City Carrier Sean Anderson.

Bountiful, UT, City Carrier Sean Anderson was delivering along his route when he encountered a strong gas odor at a customer’s home. He knew the distinctive smell was indicative of a leak that could quickly turn deadly if not dealt with immediately, so he attempted to alert the homeowner to the problem. When nobody answered the door, Anderson attempted to alert the next door neighbor, but encountered the same result.

Anderson refused to allow his customers to suffer a potentially unfortunate tragedy. When he returned to his vehicle, he called the gas company and reported the situation.

Later that afternoon when his route returned him to the area, he saw that the entire street had been blocked off to traffic and homes were evacuated. He approached an employee from the gas company and identified himself as the individual who had called them. The gas employee, who was with the homeowner at the impacted address, told him he did a great thing because the main gas line into the home had cracked and broke. He stated that the situation could have been a great tragedy if not for Anderson’s awareness to the danger and acting appropriately in response. The homeowner also expressed his gratitude to Anderson and stated that the 5-6 hours which he was evicted from his home were more than worth it in order to have the major gas leak repaired and avoid further problems for the neighborhood.

“I’m glad to have a carrier like Sean who cares about his customers and does a great job each and every day!” said Bountiful Postmaster Andrea Gunnarson.

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