Call of life

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske was delivering along his route recently when he saw a customer on her porch. As soon as the customer spotted Paremske, she whispered “help me.” The woman looked to be in pain and in need of medical attention.

Paremske immediately called 911 and related the situation to the dispatcher. After the call, he remained with the customer until paramedics arrived. That’s when he discovered the woman had stomach surgery the previous day and was experiencing complications.

“Zach is a very conscientious employee and his quick action in this situation may have saved this customer’s life,” said Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski.

Postal Hero

Ken Iverson

Postmaster Daniel Day presents City Carrier Ken Iverson with his Postal Hero Award.

On March 8, 2014, while attempting delivery of a package to a resident on his route, Mountain Home, ID, City Carrier Ken Iverson heard a loud crash from inside the residence. He knew the resident was an elderly woman who lived alone and became concerned that she was injured. He investigated and soon realized that she had fallen and badly injured herself.

He entered the residence and provided needed assistance. Iverson’s concern for his customer and quick actions were instrumental in getting emergency medical attention to the resident who would have otherwise been unable to contact emergency services.

“Ken’s actions in this case are a testament to his character and are a reflection of a proud team of employees at the Mountain Home Post Office,” said Mountain Home Postmaster Daniel Day.

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