Employees Appreciate Author’s High Praise

Retail Associate Connie Evans, Rural Carrier Paige Roath, Postmaster Darlene Winterer, Retail Associate Lori Rees, Rural Carrier Blaine Fackrell.

Retail Associate Connie Evans, Rural Carrier Paige Roath, Postmaster Darlene Winterer, Retail Associate Lori Rees, and Rural Carrier Blaine Fackrell.

Web-based entrepreneurs often encounter many challenges when forming and growing a business. For one author in Coalville, UT, shipping products to customers has not been one of those challenges.

Author MJ Pangman recently sent a letter to Salt Lake City District Manager Jimmy Wolf expressing her heartfelt appreciation for the dedicated support received by the Coalville team.

“I am so grateful for the staff in Coalville – all of them!” said Pangman in her letter. “Everyone from my carrier to the ladies in the office are incredible!

“As an author, I started a little online business to support my book a couple of years ago. Darlene, in particular, has been so good to help me resolve those little shipping problems that inevitably come up and to answer my questions. My carrier has been equally good as I progressed from a pick-up once or twice a week to an every day pick up. They are all so good (friendly, professional, knowledgeable). (You) couldn’t have a better staff!”

“I’m confident the great employees in Coalville will continue to provide outstanding service to you and all their customers,” said Wolf. “Service is our ‘last name,’ but it really is our top priority at the United States Postal Service. Providing great service is so much easier with employees like those who serve you in Coalville, and made totally enjoyable and rewarding for all of us by customers like you!”

Every Door Direct Mail Helps Author Find New Readers

“An answer to my prayers,” said Carole Scott (right)
about Every Door Direct Mail.

It’s a great postal story that bears retelling – and no, it’s not fiction.

Author Carole Scott wrote a book, “Bears for Young and Curious Minds” that demystifies one of nature’s most misunderstood creatures.

Despite the positive reviews about the text and illustrations, she was having a hard time marketing the books from her small town of Crawford, CO.

Office-in-Charge Marvel Simineo had a simple suggestion for the author–  sponsor a book signing and promote it with Every Door Direct Mail.

Simineo explained to the customer how the process would work – create a mailpiece and then sent them to customers in the local communities for as little as 14.5 cents each.

Using the online tool, Simineo showed the customer the rural routes and PO Box counts for the local office and surrounding areas.

In just a couple of weeks, the customer brought in a mailing of 810 pieces promoting the signing at the local library.

“This is an answer to my prayers,” said Scott. “I needed an inexpensive way to get the word out about my book.”

The signing was a success, with about 100 books sold and a steady stream of potential readers waving their Every Door Direct Mail flyer as they walked into the door.

“This effort by Marvel just illustrates a boundless magnitude of creativity,” said Acting Business Development Specialist Diane Brown, who helped facilitate the mailing. “We can express that to business owners for their marketing needs when promoting Every Door Direct Mail”.

Does your business or a postal customer have a great idea? Contact your local USPS Business Development Specialist.

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