Carrier Honored By Idaho Talking Book Service

Boise, ID, Cole Village Station City Carrier Tim Hoover.

Boise, ID, Cole Village Station City Carrier Tim Hoover.

Each year, customers of the Idaho Talking Book Service (TBS) have the opportunity to nominate their letter carriers for the Postal Carrier of the Year Award. For 2014, Boise, ID, Cole Village Station City Carrier Tim Hoover received the coveted honor.

TBS is an audio book and magazine lending service offered free of charge by the Idaho Commission for Libraries to individuals with physical limitations. Customers of the service nominate why their carrier deserves the organization’s annual award in the delivery of TBS material. Customers nominated a total of 48 carriers for the 2014 award, and each nomination included a description of the nominee’s kindness.

“When people lose their sight, sometimes they can lose their connection to the world,” said Hoover. “TBS is a fantastic service that keeps that from happening.”

Two TBS customers who nominated Hoover for the award, Susan Ford and Dorothy Carpenter, joined TBS Regional Librarian Sue Walker, Five Mile Station Manager Jeff Winberry and Boise Postmaster Daniel Corral at a celebratory event at Cole Village Station to present Hoover with an award plaque and letter of appreciation from Idaho State Librarian Ann Joslin.

Carrier Supports Child’s Love of Reading

Sandy, UT, City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch.

Sandy, UT, City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch.

Sandy, UT, resident Mathew F. is 12-year old boy who has a voracious appetite for knowledge. Though his mind was eager to learn, his lack of reading material prevented him from absorbing all he could. That’s when he reached out to his carrier for support.

City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch was in the process of delivering mail to Mathew’s apartment building when he saw the young boy searching through a discarded mail bin. Lynch asked the youngster what he was searching for and received a surprising answer. Mathew was looking for something to read since he didn’t have any books of his own, and bus fare was too expensive to visit the local library. Mathew asked Lynch for any extra advertising mail he could have to read. The request tugged at Lynch’s heart. He went home that evening and started a social media campaign to request books for the young reader.

“I started reading at a very early age,” said Lynch. “My mother instilled a love of books in me. At 12-years-old, he didn’t want electronics, he didn’t want to sit in front of the TV playing games all day, the kid just wanted to read.”

Not long after the request, Mathew began receiving books from all over the world. He now enjoys more than 500 in his collection, with new ones frequently arriving at his door. Mathew intends to share his good fortune by distributing excess material in his collection to other children in need.

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600th VPO opens

600th VPO

Kansas City, MO, Letter Carrier Michael Callahan; Mid-America District Manager Gail Hendrix; Kansas City, MO, Officer in Charge Jeff Drake; Kansas City Public Library Deputy Director of Branch and Library Services Joel Jones; and Western Area Vice President Drew Aliperto.

Barely more than three months after opening the Postal Service’s 500th Village Post Office (VPO) in Greenwood, CA, VPO 600 is literally one for the books. The Mid-America District held grand opening ceremonies at two Kansas City, MO, public libraries May 6 to mark the 600th and 601st VPOs.

“Our presence here today is an indication that the Postal Service is committed to affordable, attainable mail service to all Americans,” said Western Area VP Drew Aliperto.

The grand opening ceremonies were held at the Lucile H. Bluford and North-East libraries, both branches of the Kansas City Public Library system. Aliperto was joined at the library ribbon-cutting ceremonies by Mid-America District Manager Gail Hendrix and Deputy Director of Branch and Library Services at the Kansas City Public Library Joel Jones.

“When I drove up to the Bluford Library VPO, the first thing I saw was a blue collection box,” said Jones. “And that collection box represents stability. The library staff, our customers and the community are thrilled to open our new Village Post Office.”

The Bluford and North-East Library VPOs expand the Postal Service’s presence in the two Kansas City communities by offering extended hours and a location to buy stamps and pre-paid packaging.

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