Engaging the Youngest Generation


County fair enthusiasts gathered at Jordan, MN, last week to enjoy the festivities of the Scott County Fair. The popular event took place between Jul 22-26 and included concerts, horse shows, tractor pulls, motorcross, bull riding and plenty of vendors. In addition to the large collection of attractions, the Postal Service showcased an LLV to young fans.

As part of the Touch-a-Truck event on Thursday, children had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience exploring the popular vehicle that dutifully moves the mail. St. Paul City Carrier Mike Keller engaged the children, answered their abundant questions, and regaled them with interesting stories.

“They were excited to check out the truck that is so familiar in their neighborhoods,” said Jordan Postmaster Karen Keller about the young visitors.


Young Letter Writers Eager to Share Thoughts

Young letter writers2

To support Special Olympics USA athletes in the upcoming Summer Games, the Postal Service created a special letter writing campaign designed to encourage the public to send words of inspiration to the talented athletes

Wesley, IA, Postal Support Employee and schoolteacher Amanda Studer eagerly adopted the campaign. She taught her 4H Afterschool Program students about folded, stamped and letter mail, and encouraged them to write their words of support to the Special Olympic athletes.

The class not only enjoyed the activity, they were also excited to have the chance to communicate with Olympians.

If you would like to send a letter of encouragement to Special Olympics USA athletes, direct your letters to:

Special Olympics USA
c/o National Events
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, RM 10545
Washington, D.C. 20260

For more information on the letter writing campaign, go to the June 2 edition of yourpostalblog.com by click here: http://wp.me/p2mnjB-1Lz

Stamp Out Hunger Coloring Page for Kids

Food Drive 2015 coloring page

Students Embrace Mail

Student “retail associates” learn the value of mail through an interactive process.

Student “retail associates” learn the value of mail through an interactive process.

For one particular kindergarten class at Haven Grade School in Haven, KS, the chance to exchange correspondence with classmates through the “mail” is part of the educational process.

Lisa Vierthaler is the wife of Hutchinson, KS, Rural Carrier Roger Vierthaler. She teaches a class of eager students through a combination of interaction, activity, and play. Part of the format employed by the creative educator is the use of a mock Post Office in the classroom.

Through the simulated Post Office, children hone their math, reading and writing skills while learning the intricacies of social interaction. Lisa touts the benefits of the Post Office simulation as a source of educational motivation and enjoyment for her students. The learning process also has the potential to instill within the youngsters the long-term value of mail in their daily lives.

2013 Christmas Coloring Page

Hello all, Benny here.

Are the kids looking for a fun activity to enjoy during the holidays? Have them try their hand at the coloring page below.

The festive scene was hand-drawn by my friend and craftsman Earl Musick. I just love his coloring pages, and I’ve even trying filling them in a time or two myself. I’m probably not as great an artist as Earl is, but I bet there are some talented kids out there that can show me how it’s done.

Be sure to send me a copy of the results so I can enjoy them for the holidays too.


Until next time!



Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween


Tomorrow is one of the scariest days of the year – Halloween. While driving about enjoying all the day has to offer, pay close attention to your surroundings.

Kids of all ages will be dashing from home to home seeking to add to the bounty of their goodie collection. Most of these ghouls, superheroes, and villains will observe proper safety procedures while roaming the neighbourhood, but some may not.

To keep everyone safe throughout the day, drive cautiously through residential areas and stay alert for passing pedestrians. Avoid using your phone while driving, and keep your eyes on the road to minimize reaction time to any unexpected developments.

Back to School Safety

Back to school safety

School is once again in session, and with its return, children are walking, running and biking their way back to class. As they begin a new school year, this is a good time for a reminder that driving cautiously near children is everyone’s responsibility.

Before placing the transmission in gear, are you sure there are no little ones in front or behind you? Children will be moving along sidewalks, waiting at or near bus stops, and passing by driveways throughout many neighborhoods around the country. They might even be near your vehicle. Be sure to check the area around your vehicle to make sure it’s clear before taking it out of park.

Well known for their swiftness, children can sometimes move unexpectedly, and they don’t always cross the street in marked intersections. Slow down in residential neighborhoods and school zones. Scan sidewalks to see if a child is about to walk into the street. Plan for sudden movements by remaining alert to your surroundings.

Children are depending on you this school season to help keep them safe. Don’t let them down.

Postal Coloring Page for Kids


This inspirational coloring page created by Sycamore, OH, Postmaster Earl Musick shows a day in the life of a postal worker on his daily route. Can you help him add a little more color to the scene to brighten his day?

Future Customer Engagement

Future customer engagement
The Spokane P&DC recently had the opportunity to host a group of preschoolers that wanted to learn about the postal service.
“The children wrote personal letters and will be mailing them today,” said Spokane P&DC Plant Manager Bill Rupert. “Days like this make us special.”
The great interest in the mailing process expressed by these talented preschoolers demonstrate that mail is still in strong demand by the littlest of generations.
What other events do you think would help engage the next generation in mail delivery?
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