24th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Rugby, ND

Rugby, ND

This past Saturday, generous donors throughout the country showed their support in the fight against hunger by placing non-perishable food items next to their mailboxes. In the 24th annual National Association of Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, letters carriers nation-wide collected millions of pounds of food to donate to local food banks just in time to restock empty pantries for the summer months.

McPherson, KS

Parade in McPherson, KS

In 2015, over 71 million pounds of food was collected by postal carriers nationally, feeding an estimated 30 million people. Over the course of the 24-year history, the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive has collected well over one billion pounds of food.


Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM, Steve Schiff Station


Wildflower Elementary School in Colorado Springs, CO

Wildflower Elementary School in Colorado Springs, CO


Guardian Angel Saves Diabetic Man’s Life

Langford, SD, Rural Carrier Coleen Monson.

Langford, SD, Rural Carrier Coleen Monson.

When Langford, SD, Rural Carrier Coleen Monson noticed that one of her customers hadn’t picked up his mail for a few days, she became concerned. She knew the man was diabetic and lived alone, and he always picked up his mail a few minutes after she left it there.

Monson couldn’t gain contact with the customer to verify her concerns, so she contacted his family and told them about the situation. Later that evening, she learned that the customer had been in bed for several days, hadn’t eaten and was in bad shape.

The man was flown to a Sioux Falls hospital where doctors discovered that his kidneys had shut down. He was in a coma for several days, but regained consciousness after several kidney dialysis treatments.

Later on, the customer’s family told him about Monson’s actions to save his life and that she was his guardian angel. The man became emotion at the revelation. Monson continued to help the customer while he recovered at the hospital by taking care of his dogs until he returned home.

“Coleen watches out for all her customers,” said Postmaster Becky Wegleitner. “This is the second time she alerted someone about one of her customers.”

Stamp Out Hunger

Stamp out hunger 2015

The 23rd annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive is coming on this Saturday, May 9. The National Association of Letter Carriers, the National Rural Letter Carriers Association, the Postal Service, Feeding America, and the United Way are teaming up to support American families struggling with hunger.

According to the most recently available information by Feeding America, there were nearly 49 million food insecure people in the United States in 2012, including nearly 16 million children and approximately 4.8 million seniors who often have to make the difficult choice between paying rent, utilities and having enough nutritious food. You can help those in need by placing bagged, non-perishable food items by your mailbox for your letter carrier to pick up on May 9.

More than 72 million pounds of food was collected in 2014, and more than one billion pounds of food has been collected since the program’s inception.

For more information on the food drive event, visit the Stamp Out Hunger Facebook page at:


2014 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

2014 Stamp Out Hunger

Saturday, May 10 marks the 22nd anniversary of America’s largest-single day of giving — the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive in Partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, Campbell Soup, Feeding America and other partners.

Currently, 49 million Americans—1 in 6—are unsure where their next meal is coming from. Sixteen million are children who feel hunger’s impact on their overall health and ability to perform in school. And nearly 5 million seniors over age 60 are food insecure, with many who live on fixed incomes often too embarrassed to ask for help.

In 2013, 74 million pounds of food was collected by Postal carriers nationally, feeding an estimated 30 million people. Over the course of the 21-year history, the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive has collected well over one billion pounds of food.

The food drive’s timing is crucial. Food banks and pantries often receive the majority of their donations during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. By springtime, many pantries are depleted, entering the summer low on supplies at a time when many school breakfast and lunch programs are not available to children in need.

How the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Works

Just leave a non-perishable food donation in a bag by the mailbox on Saturday, May 10, and the Postal carrier will do the rest. It’s that simple and millions of Americans will be helped.

Learn more about the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive and Feeding America today!

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