Community Day celebrates student education

North Platte, NE, Postmaster Pam Erickson with North Platte High School students

North Platte, NE, Postmaster Pam Erickson with North Platte High School students

During Community Day at the North Platte High School in Nebraska, a group of students in a special needs class took the opportunity to go to the North Platte Post Office to visit with Postmaster Pam Erickson and learn more about postal operations. Erickson was thrilled at the chance to teach the students about the Postal Service. She also provided stationery and envelopes so the students could write personal letters to family members.

“As they were (writing letters) you could see the pride they had in writing them,” said Erickson. “It was a great way to promote letter writing with an incredible group of students as well as teach them about various businesses within their community.”

Postmaster gives students the gift of knowledge


Students at the Geraldine High School in Geraldine, MT, typically study subjects such as math, history, and English in a given day. On one special day earlier this month, they had the chance to learn more about a skill that will help them communicate with the world.

Lita Buck is the Postmaster of the Geraldine Post Office. She recently visited students at the high school to educate them about the mail, including the details of preparing and sending mail.

“I explained to them the importance of properly addressing an envelope and what happens to it if it does not have a return address on it and cannot be delivered to the addressee, and that proper postage is also important,” said Buck. “I also informed them that if they wanted a certain stamp on their announcements, that they should let me know ASAP so I could get them ordered, and reminded them that they will need stamps for thank you cards also.”

In addition to the valuable information she provided, Buck also brought handouts and other material for students to peruse.

The information-rich session was an eye-opening experience for the young minds in attendance and will give them the knowledge they need for a lifetime of mailing.

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