Happy Valentine’s Day!


Don’t Forget That Special Someone

Dont forget that special someone

Today is Valentine’s Day, a time when a gesture of affection is given to that special someone. While many in the United States traditionally celebrate this day by sending cards, candy, or flowers, people from other countries have their own unique approach to celebrating the day.

In South Korea, women give chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day. Men reciprocate the gesture a month later on March 14. For those who didn’t happen to receive a gift on either day, an individual will go to a restaurant on April 14 to eat black noodles and reflect on their single status. Japan has a similar tradition, though a man can send gifts other than chocolate such as jewelry and clothing.

Valentine’s Day is only somewhat celebrated in India. Some parts of the population oppose the idea of Valentine’s Day as a form of corruption from the West. It is thought to encourage lust and pre-marital relations that deviate from cultural practices.

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as Friend’s Day. In addition to giving gifts of affection to a loved one, the day is also about remembering one’s friends by sending cards and gifts to each other. Campaign efforts to promote  health, charity, and education issues are common during this day.

What Valentine’s Day traditions do you observe?

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