Ladder slip leads to hospital trip

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

While Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell delivered along his route on Halloween, he thought he heard the faint sound of someone calling for help. When he traveled in the direction of the call, he spotted an older man on the ground bleeding from the back of his head.

Harold was in the process of climbing down the ladder on the side of his boat when his foot slipped through a rung. With his foot trapped in the ladder, he fell backwards, unable to brace himself against an impact with the ground.

Littrell found Harold and immediately dialed 911. While waiting for emergency responders to arrive, Littrell located a towel and placed it against the back of Harold’s head. He then obtained a blanket from the man’s garage and wrapped it around him to keep him warm. Once the paramedics arrived, Littrell returned to his route.

Harold’s wife was grateful for the assistance and sent a personal letter of thanks to Littrell.

“Thank you again for not only your service in delivering daily mail, but for going far beyond your responsibilities to be an ‘angel in the flesh’ in my husband’s time of need!” said Julie.



In the spirit of Halloween, the U.S. Postal Service issued stamps featuring photographs of four different jack-o’-lanterns. These creatively carved pumpkins have been symbols of Halloween in the United States since the late 19th century, not long after celebrations of the holiday began here.

The jack-o’-lanterns depicted on the stamps were carved by Paul Montanari and photographed by Sally Andersen-Bruce.


Brought to North America by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland, Halloween became a distinctively American celebration that transcended social boundaries and ethnic origin. After World War II, widespread enthusiasm for trick-or-treating gave the holiday a youthful emphasis, but since the 1970s adults have increasingly joined the festivities once again. A 2014 survey showed that nearly 67 percent of the American population celebrates Halloween in some way.

With customs and traditions that vary widely by community, Halloween now inspires parades and revelry, corn mazes and haunted houses, neighborhood and school parties, jack-o’-lantern and pumpkin festivals, and even pumpkin-catapulting. No matter how or where people observe this ever-changing holiday, it remains a much-anticipated celebration of the macabre in the face of approaching winter.

The Jack-o’-lanterns collection is now available for purchase at, at 800-STAMP24 (800-782-6724), and at Post Offices nationwide.

Career Planning

Career planning

Many individuals begin their career planning early in life. For some, that advanced planning arrives a little earlier than others.

This young fellow to the right already has an idea in mind of what he would like to be when he grows up.

Creighton is the son of Lawson, MO, Postmaster Chris Wilkinson. This past Halloween, Creighton had the opportunity to showcase his admiration for his father and his support of the entire postal team while trick-or-treating. His outfit and postal vehicle received many accolades from friends and family. It also gave a proud father the opportunity to catch a glimpse into his son’s potential future career choice.

Halloween Photos

Milford UT

This photo is from the Milford, UT, Post Office and employs a unique wreath and festive colors to embrace the season.

During the days leading up to Halloween, many enjoyed the opportunity to decorate their places of work and personal residences. The interesting and creative imagery displayed is a testament to both the ingenuity and talent of those involved.

This photo was snapped by Laughlin, NV, Postmaster Terri Torrance.

This photo was snapped by Laughlin, NV, Postmaster Terri Torrance.

Don’t let the imagery here scare you. The spiders are artificial, though the same can’t be said for the positive, engaging spirit of the employees who decorated these well-adorned offices.

This photo was provided by Shakopee, MN, Retail Associate Heidi Anderson.

This photo was provided by Shakopee, MN, Retail Associate Heidi Anderson.

There are many classic symbols associated with Halloween. From black cats, to spiders, to the ever-grinning pumpkin, many people delight in showcasing a fondness for their favorite spooky images.

Amidst all the iconic characters that make Halloween their home, there’s one figure that has proven to be a mainstay of October festivities – the witch.

This individual with bright, orange hair was photographed by Postmaster Cindy Recker at the Peosta, IA, Post Office.

This individual with bright, orange hair was photographed by Postmaster Cindy Recker at the Peosta, IA, Post Office.

The bright smile of the popular character above proves one thing – that everyone who enters a Post Office can expect a friendly greeting and positive attitude from all inside.

Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween


Tomorrow is one of the scariest days of the year – Halloween. While driving about enjoying all the day has to offer, pay close attention to your surroundings.

Kids of all ages will be dashing from home to home seeking to add to the bounty of their goodie collection. Most of these ghouls, superheroes, and villains will observe proper safety procedures while roaming the neighbourhood, but some may not.

To keep everyone safe throughout the day, drive cautiously through residential areas and stay alert for passing pedestrians. Avoid using your phone while driving, and keep your eyes on the road to minimize reaction time to any unexpected developments.

Trick or Treat

Hello all, Benny here. Today is Halloween, the day when all the ghouls and goblins come out to party with jack-o-lanterns and candy treats.

Back when I was a kid, I remember reading about children in other parts of the world dressing up and going door to door to collect food and coins. Though I never put on a costume of my own, I was fascinated by the idea of becoming someone else for a brief period of time. That could have been the reason why I became so enthralled with writing. Back then though, as interesting as Halloween sounded, I never imagined that it would grow into the popular festival it is today.

Like many people out there, I enjoy giving out candy to boys and girls dressed as superheroes, celebrities and cartoon characters. Can you imagine my surprise when I actually saw someone dressed as me once? That was a real hoot!

To celebrate Halloween, I thought I’d share with you a small timeline on its history. There really is a fascinating story behind this day, and you should learn more about it when you get the chance.

As for me, I need to pick up a few goodies for the kids coming over tonight. I don’t want them to leave empty handed. Have a safe and happy Halloween!




Scaring Up a Decorative Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween to celebrate this spooky time of year is nothing out of the ordinary. For one particular Post Office in Wampum, PA, a certain Halloween costume is anything but ordinary.

The town of Wampum introduced a competition this year for businesses to dress up a scarecrow for Halloween. Many businesses such as convenience stores, diners, and insurance offices participated in the event. Also stepping up to the creative plate was the local Post Office.

For its submission, the Wampum Post Office dressed up a scarecrow in a ‘Simpler way to ship” t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans poised on top of a stuffed horse carrying a small mail satchel. The display, entitled “The Pony Express,” won top honors in the competition.

The event was successful enough this year to spark conversation about expanding it next year to include residents of the community.

What other creative Halloween displays have you seen at a Post Office?

Falling for Postage

Did you know you can order custom postage through the Postal Service? Available now on is the fall line-up of custom postage stamps designed by Each sheet of 20 stamps has a fall-themed image to imbue postcards and envelopes with the rich colors of autumn.

Included in the collection are pumpkins, leaves, fruits of autumn, Thanksgiving and Halloween themes, candy corn and more. Each sheet of $.45 stamps ships in one business day and can spruce up any mailing with the vibrant colors of the changing season.

What images have you selected for custom postage?

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