Desperate call for help answered by conscientious carrier

Willmar, MN, Rural Carrier Becky Knutson

Willmar, MN, Rural Carrier Rebecca Knuteson

When Willmar, MN, Rural Carrier Rebecca Knuteson approached the home of a customer while delivering along her route, she heard a distinct cry for help. Knuteson couldn’t see the person calling for help inside the home, so she immediately dialed 911 on her phone.

Shortly after notifying the dispatcher of the situation, paramedics arrived on scene. Both the paramedics and a neighbor were able to make their way into home where they found the customer laying on the floor of the basement. The woman had fallen to the ground and remained there for four days until help arrived.

The customer was so appreciative of the assistance that she thanked Knuteson and first responders publicly in a letter written to and published by a local newspaper. “I am lucky to be here and am so grateful to these angels,” the customer said in her letter.


City Carrier Saves Customer from a Chilling Fate

City carrier saves customer from chilly fate

When Pueblo, CO, City Carrier Rod Downey was delivering mail along his route, he had no idea that he was about to become someone’s guardian angel.

Louise Grebenc had been out on her porch when she fell and couldn’t get up. She hoped that someone would come along and rescue her, but after remaining on the floor for 20 hours in 30 degree weather, her optimism of rescue had all but faded away. That’s when she encountered a welcome, familiar sight.

Downey came across Grebenc while carrying out his duties, and he immediately rendered assistance. After assessing her situation, Downey entered Grebenc’s home, called 911, and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived.

Grebenc is so grateful for Downey’s assistance as well as his bravery and compassion that she sent a letter to his supervisor expressing her heartfelt thanks.

“This is a great example of how dedicated Rod is to his customers,” said Customer Services Supervisor Michael Santistevan. “He looks out for people in the local community and they appreciate his watchful presence.”

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