A fair to remember

USPS Seattle District Field Recruiter Terry Barker discusses available employment opportunities at USPS with Washington State’s Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer (center).

USPS Seattle District Field Recruiter Terry Barker discusses available postal employment opportunities at a Tacoma job fair with Washington State’s Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer (center).

During a recent Veteran’s Resource fair in Tacoma, WA, job candidates visited with many interested employers. One of the employers in attendance was the U.S. Postal Service

Seattle District Field Recruiter Terry Barker greeted attendees with a wealth of knowledge about USPS and currently available positions. More than 100 information packets were handed out to prospective employees during the fair.

Washington State’s Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer also stopped by the Postal Service’s booth to learn more about the opportunities available for his constituents.

Counting Opportunities for a New Revenue Stream


For small companies, hiring new employees can be an exhaustive process to ensure the right fit between employee and employer. For large organizations, that process can be far more daunting when all of the intricacies of hiring a large number of people can require significant resources. A prototype project by one postal organization might be a small glimpse into the future of a potential business opportunity.

To gear up for its 2020 survey, the Census Bureau is testing a new process for hiring the talent it needs for a smooth and comprehensive count. With the need to hire hundreds of thousands of individuals, the task could prove overwhelming when each nuance of the process is factored in. Fortunately for the organization, the opportunity to offset some of the employment application processing to a third party has the potential decrease the cost and workload involved in the process.

Starting this month, the Postal Service is partnering with the Census Bureau to test the possibility of hiring part-time Census employees to perform residential interviews for the 2020 Census. During the test, selected Post Offices in Maricopa County, AZ, will be equipped with the training tools, laptop computers, fingerprint capture devices, and other equipment needed to hire a small number of candidates. The test is expected to run from April through July 2015. If successful, the test project has the potential to expand use to other locations.

Do you think the Postal Service could offer employment processing services to other organizations beyond the Census?

Career Opportunities


Career Fair Tomorrow Afternoon

Flyer-OnlineJobFair 111914a If you or someone you know is interested in a job with the Postal Service, tune in for a special event tomorrow afternoon. During a live Virtual Career Fair on Nov. 19 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. EST, USPS recruiters will be available to answer your questions about current job openings, where positions are located, and the various qualifications for obtaining them. To access the event, go to USPS.com/jobfair, create an account, and login at the time of the chat session.

Career Fair Coming Soon

Flyer-OnlineJobFair 111914a

For those with friends, family and other acquaintances that may be interested in joining the postal team, there’s an opportunity one week from today that may be of interest to them.

The Postal Service is hosting an online job fair on Wednesday, Nov. 19, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST. The event provides the opportunity for individuals nationwide to ask USPS recruiters questions in a comfortable, online setting.

To access the event, go to USPS.com/jobfair, create an account, and login at the time of the chat session. A list of available positions and locations are also available on the site as well as a list of specific job requirements and restrictions.

Gender Gaps in the Workplace

Gender gaps in the workplace

Recently, Royal Mail has transformed its role as a government entity into a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. The responsibility of preparing the organization for that transition was not an easy role to take, but in 2010, a seasoned individual was brought in to champion a turnaround in the mail service.

Returning Royal Mail to profitability after years of deficits, Chief Executive Officer Moya Greene is an individual who promotes improvement through change. One of her focuses on change involves balanced employment opportunities for women in the United Kingdom.

During a women’s conference in 2012, Greene said that women are not as represented as they should be in society and companies in the United Kingdom, including Royal Mail. Greene also stated that when she previously worked for the Canadian civil service, she saw a dramatic change in gender composition of the workforce after hiring quotas were initiated. Greene postulates that quotas could also be implemented in the United Kingdom with similar effect.

Gender gaps in the workforce and the search for opportunities to correct them are not unique to a specific organization or country. Recently, a similar discussion was held in the United States when President Obama discussed an income gap between men and women. The website whitehouse.gov lists women earning 77 cents of income for every dollar a man earns.

As the debate on how to improve employment conditions moves forward, the opportunity for employees to enjoy fair workplace practices will continue to grow.

Should hiring quotas be implemented to correct workplace imbalances?

Fee-based Employment Information No Guarantee of Job

Fee based information

In a tough economy, many job seekers look for an edge in obtaining a quality position with a good company. That search can lead individuals to educational improvement opportunities and skill training programs that enhance hirability. Sometimes, it can also lead to companies that peddle hiring materials already offered for free by the chosen employer.

Study guides usually contain useful information to help a person obtain employment. A company interested in bringing new people into the fold will generally provide guidelines and sample material to prepare applicants for the hiring process. Other, unrelated companies can obtain that material, package it with a list of currently available job opportunities with benefits and the promise of getting hired, and sell the combination as a job-winning success package. The only success in these programs is the money the company rakes in from people buying their material.

If a company is hiring new employees, they will make that information available for free to interested individuals. It isn’t necessary to buy a list of current openings. If someone is interested in job opportunities with the Postal Service, all they have to do is go to www.usps.com/employment to find out what’s available. There are no hidden fees or charges for access to the information, and there are free study materials available to help with the testing process.

Always keep in mind that there is no source of information offered for sale that can guarantee a job opportunity or high test scores. Use this as a gauge to determine if any particular offer of information is a scam.

What other potential employment scams have you come across?

Too Good to be True

You’re hired! That’s more or less what an employment letter claims in this latest version of the classic fake check or money order scam. These scams have also included postal money orders at times. In this latest adaptation, a letter from a legitimate sounding market research company is sent to unsuspecting people claiming to have selected them for a unique employment opportunity. The details of the opportunity to become a customer service evaluator are outlined in the well-crafted job offer, but don’t sign on the dotted line just yet. The prospect of becoming a mystery shopper is actually a scam in disguise and you should become familiar with it to ensure that you and those you know can avoid becoming a victim.
The customer service evaluator position comes with a high hourly rate of pay and a simple probation training assignment. All an individual has to do to pass the training and accept the position is to cash a check or money ordered enclosed in the package of material, wire the bulk of the funds back to the company, and retain the rest for hourly pay, wire fees, and other expenses.  The packet also includes an evaluation form for the new evaluator to complete regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of the wire service. There is also a weekly time schedule attached that needs to be filled out to verify what hours the new employee will be available for work.
All of the material added to the packet is designed to emphasize the legitimacy of the program. The congratulatory letter looks authentic. The attached forms appear to support the employment offer well. The enclosed check even looks genuine. Scammers are becoming very sophisticated in their art for one sole purpose – taking what you have and making it theirs.
If you come across an offer that seems too good to be true, don’t let your enthusiasm replace skepticism. Be cautious and examine the offer with piercing scrutiny. Answer the following questions to begin the process of analyzing authenticity:
         Is the offer from a foreign country?
         Is the offer unsolicited?
         Does the offer require you to send money?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, the offer could be a scam. If you ever receive questionable offers like this in the mail, contact the Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455 or go to their website at: https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/forms/MailFraudComplaint.aspx.
For more information on this latest mystery shopper scam as well as an actual example, go to: https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/radDocs/consumer/MysteryShopperScam2.pdf.

What other mail fraud scams are you aware of? Share your experiences here.

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