Mount Pleasant celebrates success


Employees at the Mount Pleasant, IA, Post Office recently celebrated the many accomplishments of team members who demonstrated outstanding efforts.

When a 4-year-old boy went missing, City Carrier Betty Lutz found him a few blocks away from his home. Lutz contacted the authorities as well as the boy’s parents, and waited with the boy for help to arrive. After the boy’s parents appeared on scene, the curious child was more interested in asking for a ride in Lutz’s LLV than in going home.

City Carrier Toi Mills noticed one of her customers hadn’t picked up mail from the previous day. Out of concern for her elderly customer, Mills contacted the police and asked them to perform a welfare check. When law enforcement arrived, they found the customer on the floor where he had remained for two days. He was taken to the hospital shortly thereafter.

Acting Supervisor Heather Trimble observed that one her rural carriers seemed ill before going out on the route one morning. She monitored his condition and became concerned that he was in more trouble than he realized. Trimble stopped him from going out on his route, and soon thereafter, it became clear he was having a heart attack. Taking advice from a 911 operator, Trimble performed life-saving actions until the paramedics could arrive. The carrier made a full recovery.

Dennis Coberley, Michael Reschly, Bill Hassenfritz and Shirley Hecker each received a National Safety Council Million Mile Award for their dedication to safe driving for at least 30 years.

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