Pre-kindergarten students recreate Post Office in class – carrier impressed

Omaha, NE, Saddle Creek Station City Carrier Lisa Tosone

Each year at the Brownell Talbot School, pre-kindergarten students have a chance to enjoy learning about the mail as part of their curriculum. During the educational process, children write a letter to their carrier asking her to visit the classroom. When Omaha, NE, Saddle Creek Station City Carrier Lisa Tosone received their letters, she was eager to oblige.

While visiting the class, Tosone taught students about delivering the mail, shared some of her favorite books about the mail, and presented kids with USPS activity books. In return, students showed her their classroom Post Office which they created to simulate operations at a real unit.

Terry Nelson, the student’s teacher, appreciated Tosone’s visit to her classroom and thanked her for taking time out of her busy schedule to share her knowledge and experience with the kids.

Students Embrace Mail

Student “retail associates” learn the value of mail through an interactive process.

Student “retail associates” learn the value of mail through an interactive process.

For one particular kindergarten class at Haven Grade School in Haven, KS, the chance to exchange correspondence with classmates through the “mail” is part of the educational process.

Lisa Vierthaler is the wife of Hutchinson, KS, Rural Carrier Roger Vierthaler. She teaches a class of eager students through a combination of interaction, activity, and play. Part of the format employed by the creative educator is the use of a mock Post Office in the classroom.

Through the simulated Post Office, children hone their math, reading and writing skills while learning the intricacies of social interaction. Lisa touts the benefits of the Post Office simulation as a source of educational motivation and enjoyment for her students. The learning process also has the potential to instill within the youngsters the long-term value of mail in their daily lives.

Shipper Contributes to Higher Education

Shipper contributes to higher education

Many individuals and corporations donate resources annually to support higher education. Such generosity helps ensure that the youth of today has a good chance at a bright future. For one shipping company, a special type of donation has helped expand student training beyond what can be learned in a traditional classroom.

FedEx has been in the process of decommissioning its Boeing 727 aircraft fleet for some time. The multi-year process replaces the aging craft with more spacious, fuel efficient models. As the company drops the 727s from their fleet, it has donated a large number of them to schools and other organizations for training purposes.

The donated aircraft provide students with hands-on training that goes beyond what can be learned exclusively in a classroom setting.

What other types of equipment do you think could be donated by corporations to improve student education?

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