Postal Hero Saves Life of Dying Infant

Anchorage, AK, City Carrier Jonathon Mancilla.

Anchorage, AK, City Carrier Jonathon Mancilla.

While Anchorage, AK, City Carrier Jonathon Mancilla delivered on his route recently, he came across a woman in a severe state of panic. The baby she cradled in her arms wasn’t breathing and rapidly turned blue from lack of oxygen.

Mancilla immediately began Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on the infant and then ran with the baby to a doctor’s office inside a nearby building. When he arrived, the baby had started breathing again. Mancilla handed the baby to a nurse while someone called 911. He waited at the office with the mother of the child until emergency responders arrived.

Thanks to Mancilla’s CPR efforts, the child survived its close brush with death.

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