Saving lives one donation at a time

York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest

York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest

Fourteen gallons is enough to fill up a fuel tank for a mid-sized automobile or a small aquarium. It’s also the amount of blood York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest has donated in his lifetime.

“I always donate on my lunch hour, and this donation put me at my total lifetime giving of 14 gallons,” said Norquest.

Donated blood is used to support hospital patients during surgery or cancer treatments. It’s also used to support individuals who have suffered severe trauma in an accident, complications during pregnancy, and other life-saving uses.

“He started giving blood when he was a PTF carrier,” said Post Office Operations Manager Dawn Bayer. “Veteran carriers got him to tag along once, and he’s been doing it ever since. He is very involved with his community.”

Giving The Gift Of Life

Giving the gift of life

Taking the time to donate blood helps ensure the lifesaving product is available for those in need. Portland Processing and Distribution Center Mail handler Allen Lock makes it a point to donate regularly to the American Red Cross and has done so for more than 22 years.

To date, Lock has donated more than 15 gallons of blood to help ensure that it’s on the shelf when it’s needed most. For more information on donating blood, go to

Bountiful Post Office Takes Caring (and Carrying) to a Whole New Level

Shelly Johnson moves parcels and flats to the case.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Coordinators and Bountiful, UT, City Carriers Michelle Snapp and Megan Hooley were on a mission to increase carrier participation and have some fun.  The “prize” that garnered the most enthusiasm was putting all CFC donors into a hat and drawing routes for local management to carry.

Supervisors Shelly Johnson and Keith Wells donned uniforms provided by generous carriers.  Postmaster Mike Carey drew Cindy Lewis’ route. When asked what Cindy, a 32-year veteran of the Postal Service, would do while Carey delivered her route, she good-naturedly remarked, “Laugh!  Maybe do a driver observation.”

A day of carrying mail increased management’s sincere appreciation for all that their carriers do, especially for their caring efforts to benefit CFC. The result was a 77.8% increase in participation over last year.

“All the credit for increased employee involvement belongs to Megan and Michelle. They’re the ones who came up with this great idea,” praised Postmaster Carey.

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