Coloring Page Contest

Coloring page 2015 contest

Recently, Newburg, MO, Post Office Retail Associate Leann Mcnew met with a local school and proposed a coloring contest for pre-school and kindergarten classes. When the school enthusiastically accepted, Mcnew provided them with copies of the 2015 Postal Coloring Page creatively designed by Earl Musick

Students at the school added their colorful design touches to the page and submitted them for entry into the contest. Four winners were selected by customers of the Newburg Post Office. Postmaster Jim Woodman and Mcnew presented a Christmas stocking to each of the winners at the school.

“The contest provided a way for me to give back to a community that has been so gracious to me,” said Mcnew.

2013 Christmas Coloring Page

Hello all, Benny here.

Are the kids looking for a fun activity to enjoy during the holidays? Have them try their hand at the coloring page below.

The festive scene was hand-drawn by my friend and craftsman Earl Musick. I just love his coloring pages, and I’ve even trying filling them in a time or two myself. I’m probably not as great an artist as Earl is, but I bet there are some talented kids out there that can show me how it’s done.

Be sure to send me a copy of the results so I can enjoy them for the holidays too.


Until next time!



2012 Postal Coloring Page for Kids



Hi all, Benny here.

I recently received this terrific coloring page from a good friend, Earl Musick. He’s the Postmaster of Sycamore, OH, and he’s been an inspirational cartoonist for many years. I’m just tickled when he sends me one of his unique designs, and it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to share it with you here.

Be sure to give this with the kiddies this week for their coloring pleasure, and don’t be afraid to make an extra copy for yourself. I’m pulling out my own box of coloring pens after this so I can enjoy the fun too.

Have a wonderful time with this folks. I know I will!



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