Service award recipient saves choking colleague

Dodge City, KS, City Carrier Rex Romesburg

Dodge City, KS, City Carrier Rex Romesburg

Dodge City, KS, Postmaster Dorothy Briseno-Bremer recently had the pleasure of presenting City Carrier Rex Romesburg with a 40-year service recognition award and pin.

Romesburg started his career as a part-time flexible employee working 2-10:30 a.m. for three years before deciding to become a carrier. For him, the decision was one of the best career moves he ever made.

“If you like what you do, you will work hard at it,” he said.

Romesburg enjoys what he does for a living, and his customers reap the benefits of his enthusiasm. During an emergency, he’s also a person who leaps to action to protect fellow employees.

When a rural carrier associate (RCA) began choking on a meal last week, Romesburg quickly intervened and performed the Heimlich maneuver on him. The action saved the RCA’s life.

“Rex is a hard worker and takes pride in his job, his customers, and his co-workers,” said Briseno-Bremer. “It’s a pleasure to have him on our team.”

Choking woman narrowly escapes brush with death

St. Paul, MN, Elway Station City Carrier Assistant Kirsten Levisen Lloyd

When St. Paul, MN, Elway Station City Carrier Assistant Kirsten Levisen Lloyd approached a home along her route, she saw a customer move toward the front door from inside. While Lloyd initially thought the customer sought to collect her mail, the situation turned out to be far more urgent in nature.

As Lloyd looked up at the customer, she saw that her lips were blue and she was choking on an object. Without hesitation, Lloyd opened the door, patted her on the back, and began performing the Heimlich maneuver. After five abdominal thrusts, the object dislodged and the woman began breathing normally.

Later on when paramedics arrived, they told Lloyd she should be paid double for the day because she did their job as well as her own.

Breaking Out of the Routine

Most of us have a set routine that we use to go about our workday. Routines help us remember important tasks or processes, and they keep our car keys from disappearing right when we’re ready to head out the front door.

Occasionally, something comes along that’s out of the ordinary and alters our routine. That’s what happened for letter carrier Elliot Washington of Greenville, SC, during his lunch break. Elliot was about to return from lunch when he heard a woman choking. Relying on the skills and training he gained from his time in the Navy, he performed the Heimlich Maneuver on her and saved her life.

Routines give us the chance to stay on track throughout the day, but sometimes a little deviation can help out in a big way. The next time something comes along to alter your routine, will you be ready?

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