Young Letter Writers Eager to Share Thoughts

Young letter writers2

To support Special Olympics USA athletes in the upcoming Summer Games, the Postal Service created a special letter writing campaign designed to encourage the public to send words of inspiration to the talented athletes

Wesley, IA, Postal Support Employee and schoolteacher Amanda Studer eagerly adopted the campaign. She taught her 4H Afterschool Program students about folded, stamped and letter mail, and encouraged them to write their words of support to the Special Olympic athletes.

The class not only enjoyed the activity, they were also excited to have the chance to communicate with Olympians.

If you would like to send a letter of encouragement to Special Olympics USA athletes, direct your letters to:

Special Olympics USA
c/o National Events
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, RM 10545
Washington, D.C. 20260

For more information on the letter writing campaign, go to the June 2 edition of by click here:

Post Office Tour Amazes Young Letter Writers

Anchor Point, AK, Retail Associate Melody Martin takes kids on a tour of the post office for National Card and Letter Writing Month.

Anchor Point, AK, Retail Associate Melody Martin takes kids on a tour of the post office for National Card and Letter Writing Month.

Students from Chapman Elementary School in Anchor Point, AK, toured their local Post Office to learn about mailing letters and how mail moves through the facility for April’s National Card and Letter Writing Month.

Anchor Point Postmaster Rindye Phillips arranged the visitations.

“The tour began with the children purchasing stamps for letters they wrote to their friends or family,” Phillips explained. “They put their letters in the drop box and entered the office to see where the letters went. They were amazed at each stop on the tour.

“At the end of the tour, the teachers were given a bag with coloring pages and stickers for the kids,” she added. “We received ‘thank you’ posters from the children, which we put up on display in the mail room to remind our employees of the importance of teaching and how much fun a post office can be.”

Stamp Out Hunger

Stamp out hunger 2015

The 23rd annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive is coming on this Saturday, May 9. The National Association of Letter Carriers, the National Rural Letter Carriers Association, the Postal Service, Feeding America, and the United Way are teaming up to support American families struggling with hunger.

According to the most recently available information by Feeding America, there were nearly 49 million food insecure people in the United States in 2012, including nearly 16 million children and approximately 4.8 million seniors who often have to make the difficult choice between paying rent, utilities and having enough nutritious food. You can help those in need by placing bagged, non-perishable food items by your mailbox for your letter carrier to pick up on May 9.

More than 72 million pounds of food was collected in 2014, and more than one billion pounds of food has been collected since the program’s inception.

For more information on the food drive event, visit the Stamp Out Hunger Facebook page at:

Santa’s Helpers

Acting Consumer and Industry Contact Manager Michelle Cotton along with Operation Santa Coordinator Kathy Jaramillo showcase some of the many letters received from children.

Acting Consumer and Industry Contact Manager Michelle Cotton along with Operation Santa Coordinator Kathy Jaramillo showcase some of the many letters received from children.

During this past holiday season, many children received more than festively wrapped presents and good cheer. Helpful Colorado/Wyoming District employee volunteers, also known as Santa’s elves, worked diligently to respond to letters received from children in Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states. More than 60 employees personally responded to 4,000 letters received from children.

Operation Santa Coordinator Kathy Jaramillo enjoys the opportunity to brighten the smiles of children during the holidays.

“I’ve really enjoyed reading the letters that children have written to Santa,” said Jaramillo.

Acting Consumer and Industry Contact Manager Michelle Cotton is particularly grateful for the dedicated efforts by volunteers.

“I want to thank everyone who wrote letters, donated stamps and gave of their time to make Operation Santa 2014 such a success,” said Cotton. “Without the dedication of our volunteers, we could not have provided such a Merry Christmas to the over 4,000 children that received return letters from Santa.

“I also want to give a special thanks to our Operation Santa Coordinator Kathy Jaramillo who spent countless hours preparing and sending out packets to all our Santa’s helpers.”

2014 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

2014 Stamp Out Hunger

Saturday, May 10 marks the 22nd anniversary of America’s largest-single day of giving — the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive in Partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, Campbell Soup, Feeding America and other partners.

Currently, 49 million Americans—1 in 6—are unsure where their next meal is coming from. Sixteen million are children who feel hunger’s impact on their overall health and ability to perform in school. And nearly 5 million seniors over age 60 are food insecure, with many who live on fixed incomes often too embarrassed to ask for help.

In 2013, 74 million pounds of food was collected by Postal carriers nationally, feeding an estimated 30 million people. Over the course of the 21-year history, the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive has collected well over one billion pounds of food.

The food drive’s timing is crucial. Food banks and pantries often receive the majority of their donations during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. By springtime, many pantries are depleted, entering the summer low on supplies at a time when many school breakfast and lunch programs are not available to children in need.

How the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Works

Just leave a non-perishable food donation in a bag by the mailbox on Saturday, May 10, and the Postal carrier will do the rest. It’s that simple and millions of Americans will be helped.

Learn more about the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive and Feeding America today!

Back to School Safety

Back to school safety

School is once again in session, and with its return, children are walking, running and biking their way back to class. As they begin a new school year, this is a good time for a reminder that driving cautiously near children is everyone’s responsibility.

Before placing the transmission in gear, are you sure there are no little ones in front or behind you? Children will be moving along sidewalks, waiting at or near bus stops, and passing by driveways throughout many neighborhoods around the country. They might even be near your vehicle. Be sure to check the area around your vehicle to make sure it’s clear before taking it out of park.

Well known for their swiftness, children can sometimes move unexpectedly, and they don’t always cross the street in marked intersections. Slow down in residential neighborhoods and school zones. Scan sidewalks to see if a child is about to walk into the street. Plan for sudden movements by remaining alert to your surroundings.

Children are depending on you this school season to help keep them safe. Don’t let them down.

Future Customer Engagement

Future customer engagement
The Spokane P&DC recently had the opportunity to host a group of preschoolers that wanted to learn about the postal service.
“The children wrote personal letters and will be mailing them today,” said Spokane P&DC Plant Manager Bill Rupert. “Days like this make us special.”
The great interest in the mailing process expressed by these talented preschoolers demonstrate that mail is still in strong demand by the littlest of generations.
What other events do you think would help engage the next generation in mail delivery?
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