Career Days

City Carrier Assistant Jeremy Shute chats with preschoolers.

City Carrier Assistant Jeremy Shute chats with preschoolers.

Career days are often a memorable experience for young children. For a group of preschoolers at Lifting Off Academy day care center in Colorado Springs, CO, that impression also included a visit from their local, friendly carrier.

City Carrier Assistant Jeremy Shute stopped by the Academy recently to share his job experience with the impressionable youth. He told them about his route and how much he enjoys delivering letters and packages to homes and businesses.

One of questions asked of him by the children directly addressed a topic many young ones have regarding contact with a holiday icon.

When asked if he delivered their letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole, Shute told the children that he didn’t get to go all the way to the North Pole, but that he did make sure their letters were picked up and sent to Santa.

Career Opportunities


Career Fair Tomorrow Afternoon

Flyer-OnlineJobFair 111914a If you or someone you know is interested in a job with the Postal Service, tune in for a special event tomorrow afternoon. During a live Virtual Career Fair on Nov. 19 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. EST, USPS recruiters will be available to answer your questions about current job openings, where positions are located, and the various qualifications for obtaining them. To access the event, go to, create an account, and login at the time of the chat session.

Career Planning

Career planning

Many individuals begin their career planning early in life. For some, that advanced planning arrives a little earlier than others.

This young fellow to the right already has an idea in mind of what he would like to be when he grows up.

Creighton is the son of Lawson, MO, Postmaster Chris Wilkinson. This past Halloween, Creighton had the opportunity to showcase his admiration for his father and his support of the entire postal team while trick-or-treating. His outfit and postal vehicle received many accolades from friends and family. It also gave a proud father the opportunity to catch a glimpse into his son’s potential future career choice.

Career Fair Coming Soon

Flyer-OnlineJobFair 111914a

For those with friends, family and other acquaintances that may be interested in joining the postal team, there’s an opportunity one week from today that may be of interest to them.

The Postal Service is hosting an online job fair on Wednesday, Nov. 19, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST. The event provides the opportunity for individuals nationwide to ask USPS recruiters questions in a comfortable, online setting.

To access the event, go to, create an account, and login at the time of the chat session. A list of available positions and locations are also available on the site as well as a list of specific job requirements and restrictions.

The Next Generation

The next generation

The children of today have an abundance of career opportunities from which to choose for their future livelihood. Though the career field has changed somewhat since the birth of the country in 1776, there is one service that has, is, and will remain a strong part of American culture – delivering the mail.

Earlier this month, Murray, UT, city officials asked Murray Station Customer Service Manager Jenifer M. Bertolina-Teper if the Post Office would like to participate in their Career/Vehicle Day. The event, held at Murray High School, gave local third graders the opportunity to see a variety of career options along with the vehicles that accompanied them. Bertolina-Teper knew just the right person to help with the event.

“I asked City Carrier Ben Frost if he would like to help out with this event and to share what he likes about his job, what he needs to know to do his job (writing, memorization, reading, directions, math, etc.) and what he does each day,” said Bertolina-Teper.

“When asked by the kids if he liked his job, Ben would respond, ‘I love my job.’

“Ben also spoke about the importance of safety and reminded each group of children not to run up to a vehicle and to stay clear of postal vehicles. He spoke to about 160 kids and did an amazing job!”

Postmasters Run in the Martinez Family

Melissa Waterman, Josh Martinez, Joe Martinez and Matt Martinez.

Melissa Waterman, Josh Martinez, Joe Martinez and Matt Martinez.

When Josh Martinez was recently named Postmaster at Annandale, MN, the appointment came with what may be a unique opportunity.

Josh, along with his brother Matt (Gibbon, MN) and sister Melissa Waterman (Rockford, MN) took the oath of office administered by their father, retired Tomah, WI, Postmaster Joe Martinez.

Joe says that he always encouraged his children to at least consider a postal career and especially encouraged them to look at management opportunities because “that’s where you can put what you’ve learned as a craft employee to work, to really make a difference.” To see where his three kids are today was a special moment for the proud dad.

“A real once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. “To be able to swear in my three kids, I could hardly believe it.”

In addition, Matt’s wife Kimberly is Postmaster in Gaylord, MN, and Melissa’s late husband, Tim Waterman, was Postmaster at Maple Grove, MN. “We’re just one, big, happy postal family,” Kimberly Martinez says.

Catalyst for a New Career

James Hansen

James Hansen

The opportunity to enjoy a long retirement after a distinguished career is a goal to which many aspire. For one retiree, however, unforeseen circumstances transformed retirement plans into the birth of a new career.

James Hansen worked for various businesses throughout his youth until he found a permanent home at a long-haul trucking company. After spending 21 years at the firm, he retired at the age of 64 to enjoy his golden years. Three years after his retirement, however, his former employer filed bankruptcy and ceased operation.

Initially, Hansen’s retirement wasn’t effected by the unexpected development. Six years after the company dissolved, however, he became concerned that his retirement could be reduced. To avoid losing needed income, Hansen made the decision to return to the workforce.

He tried his hand at working for a hair salon company for six months and then spent another six at a major retailer until he finally obtained employment at a company he truly desired.

When he received the news that he had been selected to become a casual mail handler at the Postal Service in 2008, his hope to become a USPS employee was fulfilled.

“I envied people working for the Postal Service,” said Hansen. “The carriers looked to have wonderful jobs, as well as the clerks and mail handlers from which I observed.”

In addition to working as a mail handler, Hansen also worked as a clerk and a custodian. In early August of this year, he received some welcome news.

“I had been with USPS for slightly more than six years when I was made a career employee just 18 days before my 79th birthday,” said Hansen.

Though his retirement income from the trucking company was never reduced, Hansen enjoys working as a career custodian for the Postal Service in Salt Lake City and has no plans on retiring again anytime soon.

58-Year Employee Retires

Dessie Richmond with family members.

Dessie Richmond with family members.

Shortly after his 85th birthday, Dessie Richmond made the decision to retire after enjoying a career that spanned 58 years at USPS. He began his service in 1956 as a custodian, and has spent his entire career at the Minneapolis Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC). During his time in Minneapolis, Richmond tried his hand at a variety of maintenance positions until he finally settled on the one he would retire from – supervisor of maintenance operations.

His fondest memory of the Postal Service is that he’s had steady work – the opportunity to come in every day, do his job, and be rewarded in a manner that met his needs. “When you’ve got a job, when you can pay your bills, the rest of your life just goes that much easier,” he said.

Richmond says he’ll miss the daily sharing of work, conversation and laughs with co-workers.

“I’ve stayed around because we have a really good crew here. These are folks who want to come in and do a good job.”

As he heads off into retirement, Richmond offers the following advice to his fellow employees. “Treat people with respect. I’ve always wanted to treat people the way I’d like to be treated and I think that’s worked well.

“It’s been a good career for me. I started out pushing a broom and got to work my way up a bit. That’s a pretty good deal.”

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