Carrier care addresses high blood pressure scare

Ellsworth, KS, City Carrier Chad Petz

Ellsworth, KS, City Carrier Chad Petz

While Ellsworth, KS, City Carrier Chad Petz delivered along his route, he encountered a customer that appeared less than well.

Petz approached the individual and asked about his condition. When the man relayed his blood pressure readings, Petz knew the customer needed assistance.

Fearing the customer’s health was in jeopardy, Petz called for an ambulance and waited with the man until it arrived. As they waited, the customer told Petz that he didn’t have a phone, so he waited for his mail carrier to show up in the hope that he could offer assistance.

“Chad is a great employee and I am proud of his response that day,” said Postmaster Karen Goddard. “He reacted calmly and quickly. This customer was lucky to have Chad at his doorstep to call for help.”


Carrier Helps Motorists in Need

Tipton, IA, Rural Carrier Bob Klemme

Tipton, IA, Rural Carrier Bob Klemme

While Tipton, IA, Rural Carrier Bob Klemme drove along his route in June, he spotted a family on the side of the road with a flat tire. Concerned for their well-being, Klemme stopped and offered his assistance. When he finished doing what he could to help, he continued along his route. The family was grateful for his support, but when they wanted to write him a letter to express their thanks, they realized that they didn’t know his last name. That’s when their daughter suggested they add the name of the celebrity she thought he resembled.

“Hi, Bob (Garth Brooks). Just a short thank you for stopping to help our family out June 27. My husband truly appreciated everything you did to help. He finally got the tire off with a crowbar, got the tire changed and made it to Kewanee safe and sound. Again, thank you. You truly are a good person.

“Tom and Norine L.”

Klemme’s drive to help others didn’t end there. Two weeks ago while driving along his route, he came upon the scene of a head-on collision.  No one was seriously hurt, but his concern for the driver of the car in the photo to the right prompted Klemme to sit the driver in his Jeep until the ambulance arrived. When the driver was secured in the emergency vehicle, Klemme continued delivering his route.

Persistence Saves Life in Minnesota

deb koskela

As Frazee, MN, Rural Carrier Debbie Koskela was delivering mail, one of her elderly customers greeted her. Koskela asked the woman how she was doing and was told that she felt “short of breath.” Koskela suggested she call an ambulance, but the woman felt this would be an inconvenience for them, and she’d be all right. Koskela persisted, and was finally able to convince the woman to get checked out.

After she was examined, the woman was taken to the hospital in Fargo, as she had suffered a mild stroke, and has since recovered.

The woman’s family later called Koskela to update her, and later sent her a note, thanking her for being “Mom’s Angel.”

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