Ladder slip leads to hospital trip

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell

While Clearfield, UT, Rural Carrier Paul Littrell delivered along his route on Halloween, he thought he heard the faint sound of someone calling for help. When he traveled in the direction of the call, he spotted an older man on the ground bleeding from the back of his head.

Harold was in the process of climbing down the ladder on the side of his boat when his foot slipped through a rung. With his foot trapped in the ladder, he fell backwards, unable to brace himself against an impact with the ground.

Littrell found Harold and immediately dialed 911. While waiting for emergency responders to arrive, Littrell located a towel and placed it against the back of Harold’s head. He then obtained a blanket from the man’s garage and wrapped it around him to keep him warm. Once the paramedics arrived, Littrell returned to his route.

Harold’s wife was grateful for the assistance and sent a personal letter of thanks to Littrell.

“Thank you again for not only your service in delivering daily mail, but for going far beyond your responsibilities to be an ‘angel in the flesh’ in my husband’s time of need!” said Julie.

Technician rescues driver from severe rollover

Great Bend, KS, Data Collection Technician Kevin Boese

Great Bend, KS, Data Collection Technician Kevin Boese

When Great Bend, KS, Data Collection Technician Kevin Boese recently witnessed a vehicle rollover accident while returning from a mail test, he immediately acted to assist the occupant. The task of reaching the driver wasn’t easy.

The vehicle rolled off the road multiple times until it came to a stop upside-down in a field. Boese climbed through rough terrain in the dark to reach the vehicle.

Boese is a National Guard reservist who served two tours in Iraq. His experience allowed him to quickly reach the driver who was bleeding profusely from injuries sustained in the accident. Fortunately for the lone vehicle occupant, she chose to wear a seat belt and avoided a 2-inch steel pipe that had pierced the vehicle and entered the cockpit. Boese called 911 and remained with the woman providing the support he could until emergency responders arrived.

“Kevin is an exemplary individual who always goes above and beyond to do what’s right,” said Central Plains Statistical Programs Supervisor Carleen Currier. “He’s exactly who I’d want to help me if I were in an accident.”

Saving lives one donation at a time

York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest

York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest

Fourteen gallons is enough to fill up a fuel tank for a mid-sized automobile or a small aquarium. It’s also the amount of blood York, NE, Postmaster Larry Norquest has donated in his lifetime.

“I always donate on my lunch hour, and this donation put me at my total lifetime giving of 14 gallons,” said Norquest.

Donated blood is used to support hospital patients during surgery or cancer treatments. It’s also used to support individuals who have suffered severe trauma in an accident, complications during pregnancy, and other life-saving uses.

“He started giving blood when he was a PTF carrier,” said Post Office Operations Manager Dawn Bayer. “Veteran carriers got him to tag along once, and he’s been doing it ever since. He is very involved with his community.”

Doing the Right Thing

Omaha, NE, Millard Highlands Station City Carrier Assistant Chris Knoblock

Omaha, NE, Millard Highlands Station City Carrier Assistant Chris Knoblock

When a motorist recently backed into a customer’s mailbox and drove off without informing the homeowner about the accident, the action might be concerning to someone who witnessed it. That’s exactly what crossed one employee’s mind when he saw the act.

Omaha, NE, Millard Highlands Station City Carrier Assistant Chris Knoblock was on his route when he witnessed the scene as it unfolded. When the driver didn’t do the right thing by taking responsibility for his action, Knoblock knew he had to intervene. He wrote down the motorist’s license plate number and the contact information for his station and placed it in the mailbox.

The homeowner never called the station to ask for additional details, but thanks to Knoblock’s attentiveness, the owner had the information he needed to pursue the matter further.

Duo Safely Drives More Than 2 Million Miles

Canby, OR, City Carriers Yvonne Simmons and Shawna Belleque.

Canby, OR, City Carriers Yvonne Simmons and Shawna Belleque.

In a recent awards ceremony, Canby, OR, City Carriers Yvonne Simmons and Shawna Belleque became the newest entrants into the Million Mile Safe Driving Award club.

Earned for driving more than 1,000,000 miles without an accident, the Million Mile Safe Driving Award is a special reminder that safety is a priority concern whenever a person is behind the wheel. Simmons and Belleque were each presented with a Million Mile achievement plaque, a lapel pin, and a wallet-sized Safe Driving Award card during the ceremony. In addition to the permanent reminders of their superior driving habits, the duo also received a special cake in celebration of their accomplishments.

After receiving their awards, Simmons and Belleque offered the following words of advice for those seeking to achieve 30 years of accident-free driving:

“We all want to be fast, but the most important thing is to be safe and not have an accident,” said Simmons.

“Pay attention to kids, pets, and just be alert to your surroundings,” Belleque added.

New Million Mile Driving Safety Club Members

City Carriers Tim, Brenda, Carolyn, Karma, and Mike celebrate their inductions into the Million Mile Award safe driving club.

City Carriers Tim, Brenda, Carolyn, Karma, and Mike celebrate their inductions into the Million Mile Award safe driving club.

Recently, the Delano Station in Wichita, KS, had the opportunity to induct five new members into the Million Mile Award safe driving club. City Carriers and newly minted Million Mile Award recipients Tim Gerber, Brenda Bowers, Carolyn Schneider, Karma Onstott, and Mike Miller were joined by acting Postmaster Cindy Liptak during the celebration of their achievements.

“It is hard to believe that collectively, these five carriers represent five million miles of safe driving,” said Liptak. ”Wow! That’s an amazing accomplishment!”

Carrier Saves Child From Dangerous Intersection

Fairmont City Carrier Mark Moeller

Fairmont City Carrier Mark Moeller

Fairmont, MN, City Carrier Mark Moeller has been called the hero of the day for his actions to protect a small child in the local community.

While on his route, Moeller observed a small, two-year old child standing alone at a busy four way intersection. Sensing a dangerous situation, Moeller parked his LLV and approached the child who was about to walk into the street. Before she could venture into the busy intersection, Moeller intercepted her and kept her from harm. The little girl had limited communication ability and didn’t know where she lived nor would she say her name.

Moeller stayed with the girl and convinced her to help him find her way home. Hand in hand, the two walked along the sidewalk until they reached a house around the block. The girl ran toward the front door, prompting Moeller to knock. The child’s mother answered and told Moeller that she had fallen asleep and didn’t know the girl was gone. She was extremely grateful that Moeller had returned her daughter home safely.

Make the Smart Choice

Make the smart choice

Distractions while driving can go beyond fiddling with a phone, eating a sandwich or adjusting a radio station. It could also include tending to a sudden shift of items inside the vehicle.

When something moves out of place such as a phone dropping to the floor, don’t take your eyes off the road to deal with the problem. Pull over to a safe area, put the vehicle in park and switch off the ignition. Only then should someone attempt to clean up a spill, pick up a dropped item, or manipulate shifted objects.

A momentary distraction while driving can cause a serious accident, no matter what that distraction is. Also, remember to always wear a seat belt. Even though you may avoid distractions while driving, another driver may not.

Smart choices can help save lives, and it’s up to you to make the choice to stay safe. Avoid distracted driving and always wear a seat belt to substantially lower the risk of death or injury while inside a vehicle.

A Safe Million

A safe million

Salt Lake City Postmaster Steve Chaus, City Carrier Floyd Youngbauer, and District Manager Jimmy Wolf.


With more than 253 million cars and trucks on the road, avoiding an accident is no easy task. For Sugarhouse Station City Carrier Floyd Youngbauer, it’s a skill honed through many years on the road.

Youngbauer recently received the coveted million mile award celebrating his commitment to safety and constant vigilance. Salt Lake City Postmaster Steve Chaus and Salt Lake City District Manager Jimmy Wolf offered their congratulations and thanks for Youngbauer’s exceptional accomplishment.

Don’t Let a Distraction Become a Fatal Decision

Fatal decision

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 3,328 people killed and an estimated 421,000 injured in motor vehicle crashes involv­ing distracted drivers in 2012.

Distraction kills.

What exactly is a distraction? Anything that diverts a driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving is a distraction. This includes tasks such as:

  • Texting
  • Using a cell phone or smart phone
  • Eating or drinking
  • Talking to passengers
  • Grooming
  • Reading, including maps
  • Using a navigation system
  • Watching a video
  • Adjusting a radio, CD player, or iPod


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