Call of life

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Zach Paremske was delivering along his route recently when he saw a customer on her porch. As soon as the customer spotted Paremske, she whispered “help me.” The woman looked to be in pain and in need of medical attention.

Paremske immediately called 911 and related the situation to the dispatcher. After the call, he remained with the customer until paramedics arrived. That’s when he discovered the woman had stomach surgery the previous day and was experiencing complications.

“Zach is a very conscientious employee and his quick action in this situation may have saved this customer’s life,” said Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski.

Postal Hero Saves Life of Dying Infant

Anchorage, AK, City Carrier Jonathon Mancilla.

Anchorage, AK, City Carrier Jonathon Mancilla.

While Anchorage, AK, City Carrier Jonathon Mancilla delivered on his route recently, he came across a woman in a severe state of panic. The baby she cradled in her arms wasn’t breathing and rapidly turned blue from lack of oxygen.

Mancilla immediately began Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on the infant and then ran with the baby to a doctor’s office inside a nearby building. When he arrived, the baby had started breathing again. Mancilla handed the baby to a nurse while someone called 911. He waited at the office with the mother of the child until emergency responders arrived.

Thanks to Mancilla’s CPR efforts, the child survived its close brush with death.

Double Rescue for Eldora Carrier

Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves.

Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves.

While delivering mail along his route recently, Eldora, IA, City Carrier Stacy Reeves encountered an elderly customer who had fallen to the ground and needed assistance. The wind was particularly strong on this day, and when the customer stepped out of her car, a strong gust knocked her down. To make matters worse, the wind also knocked garbage cans on top of her.

When Reeves moved to assist the customer, she initially refused to allow him to call for medical assistance from emergency responders. Reeves questioned the customer about her condition, and when she told him about the back pain she sustained, he called for an ambulance and waited with her until they arrived.

Reeves later returned to the office for lunch and discussed the event with fellow employees. In the process of doing so, they heard multiple blasts of a horn outside. When Reeves and City Carrier Mark Pearson went to investigate, they discovered that an elderly customer had accidentally stepped on the gas pedal of her vehicle as she attempted to mail a letter at a blue collection box. She had one leg outside the vehicle at the time, and when the vehicle lurched forward, it pinned her extended leg between her door and doorframe.

Pearson is also an Emergency Medical Technician and moved to assist the customer while Reeves dialed 911. Both stayed with the customer until an ambulance arrived to tend to her injuries.

Carrier’s Quick Action Saves Commuter’s Life


Waukon, IA, Rural Carrier Kari Kerndt-Hammel.

Waukon, IA, Rural Carrier Kari Kerndt-Hammel.

While Waukon, IA, Rural Carrier Kari Kerndt-Hammel delivered on her route recently, she noticed an elderly man across the street exiting a public transportation van. Without warning, the man lost his balance as he stepped out and fell to the ground. During the fall, the man’s head suffered severe damage when it slammed into the hard, unforgiving surface of the cold concrete.

Kerndt-Hammel immediately ran across the street to render aid. When she saw that the man was conscious, but bleeding profusely, she instructed a bystander to call 911 and another to grab towels while she applied pressure to the wound. To prevent the man from potentially exacerbating the damage, she kept him calm until the paramedics arrived.

When emergency responders arrived, they took the man to the local hospital. Medical personnel assessed his injuries and quickly determined that a larger facility would be better equipped to handle the damage. The man was transported by care flight to a different facility nearby where he spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit before being moved to an assisted living center to finish his recovery.

To thank Kerndt-Hammel for saving their loved one’s life, the man’s family sent her a bouquet of flowers.

Carrier Saves Driver During Medical Emergency

Salina, KS, City Carrier Deborah Mendenhall.

Salina, KS, City Carrier Deborah Mendenhall.

While Salina, KS, 16-year veteran City Carrier Deborah Mendenhall delivered mail along her route recently, she spotted a man convulsing in his car. When she investigated the situation to see if he needed help, the man slumped over in his seat, unresponsive to Mendenhall’s presence.

Though she tried to open the car door to assist, it was locked, and the windows to the running vehicle were closed. That’s when Mendenhall dialed 911 and waited by the car until emergency responders arrived.

Mendenhall’s awareness of her surroundings and quick actions saved the man’s life.

Alert Carrier Rescues Woman After Fall in Garage

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Lisa Savicky.

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Lisa Savicky.

Lincoln, NE, City Carrier Lisa Savicky was in the process of delivering mail as usual on her route when she heard a startling sound. An unseen woman nearby was crying and pleading desperately for help.

Savicky focused on the calls for help and found that they were coming from a partially open garage door. She moved quickly to the door and slid underneath it. That’s where she spotted a woman sprawled on the ground. The person had fallen to the hard concrete surface and didn’t have the ability to get back onto her feet.

Wasting no time, Savicky moved swiftly to the frightened customer, assessed the situation, and called 911. She remained by the customer’s side until emergency responders arrived.

“Lisa attends very quietly to her work, but made a very loud statement through her actions on August 20, 2015,” said Postmaster Kerry Kowalski. “Her alertness, quick thinking and compassion saved one of her customers’ life.”

Never forgotten

twin towers

Sept. 11 is Patriot Day, when Americans pause to remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Patriot Day, also known as the National Day of Service and Remembrance, will include a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. EDT, the time the first plane struck the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

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