A fair to remember

USPS Seattle District Field Recruiter Terry Barker discusses available employment opportunities at USPS with Washington State’s Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer (center).

USPS Seattle District Field Recruiter Terry Barker discusses available postal employment opportunities at a Tacoma job fair with Washington State’s Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer (center).

During a recent Veteran’s Resource fair in Tacoma, WA, job candidates visited with many interested employers. One of the employers in attendance was the U.S. Postal Service

Seattle District Field Recruiter Terry Barker greeted attendees with a wealth of knowledge about USPS and currently available positions. More than 100 information packets were handed out to prospective employees during the fair.

Washington State’s Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer also stopped by the Postal Service’s booth to learn more about the opportunities available for his constituents.

Surprise Visitor at Post Plan Meeting


Cheyenne, WY, Post Office Operations Manager Gary Sims

Actor A. Wilfred Brimley

Actor A. Wilfred Brimley

There was a surprise visitor at the Post Plan meeting in Shell, WY, on January 9, 2013. Sitting quietly throughout the entire the meeting, Wilfred Brimley listened carefully to Post Office Operations Manager Gary Sims as he explained future plans of the facility.

Brimley is widely known for his roles in Cocoon, The Thing, and The Firm. Recently, he’s been active in commercials for Liberty Medical.

After the Post Plan meeting, Brimley approached Sims and said, “Son you make a lot of sense. I only go to the Post Office once a week. Thanks.” He shook hands with Sims and walked away.

Kaizen for the Future

Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement. It means constantly looking for small ways to improve a business, implementing changes, testing the results, and then either adopting the change or moving on. The Postal Service is currently going through its own Kaizen. It’s looking for ways to improve the business process by implementing changes that can add up to big results.

Ideas for changes can come from any member of an organization. They can come from any craft, pay scale, or tour. They can occur while placing a letter in a mailbox, running automated equipment, or replacing a belt on a machine. Everyone can contribute to change, and it only takes one idea to help an organization in a big way.

Suggesting a new way to recycle at a facility, a better way to run mail on a machine, or a more efficient route for mail flow are just a few examples of how change can apply to almost any segment of the business. Ideas can occur at any time and any place. No suggestion of change is insignificant, and any idea has the potential to improve the business.

The next time an idea for positive change crosses your mind, tell someone about it here or here. It could be a ticket to the next opportunity for Kaizen.

What small improvement for the Postal Service would you like to see implemented?

Listen to Your Postal Podcast, episode 14 for big news

The latest Your Postal Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Hold on to your wigs, but you’ll hear news that you haven’t seen anywhere else. There’s big changes coming to tracking and tracing and you’ll hear it first here.

Also in this episode just what it will take to issue a Michael Jackson stamp.

You’ll also hear about the results of the Priority Mail ad campaign. Just how good is that Al guy?

And you’ll meet the owner of a unique coffee shop in Des Moines who relies on Click-N-Ship to perk up her worldwide business. We’ll also take you across the border and visit with Canada Post. It shares many of the Postal Service’s same challenges — and yet still, they make a profit.

So if a 250 year-old-guy can listen to podcasts, so can you. So…Click here and listen to the 13-minute episode at your desk or your home. Or, you can subscribe to it in iTunes by clicking here.
It’s okay. Trust me. And while you are at it, check out the previous episodes here, at http://www.yourpostalpodcast.com/.

To read a transcript of episode 14, click here.

And finally, after you listen, comment here.

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