Expanding Service

The first CPU customer conducts a transaction.

The first CPU customer conducts a transaction.

Recently, USPS added a new resource for customers in Colorado Springs, CO, that expanded access to postal services. The grand opening of a Contract Postal Unit (CPU) inside a local ACE Hardware will help improve wait time in line, expand availability of popular postal products and services, and enhance overall customer experience.

Colorado Springs Postmaster Greg Penson and Customer Service Operations Manager Mel Henson were available during the grand opening to meet the public and show their support of growing revenue through alternate access. Customers also had the opportunity to drop their business cards into a container as an entry into a drawing for a stamp yearbook. Individuals who submitted an entry will also receive a call from USPS to see if they need additional information on shipping products or advertising assistance. The potential Business Connect leads could transform into a new source of revenue for the Postal Service.

In addition to the drawing, three local restaurants donated food to the event, delighting customers who stopped by the new unit. Customers also appreciated the chance to meet CPU employees and other members of the Colorado Springs staff.

Counting Opportunities for a New Revenue Stream


For small companies, hiring new employees can be an exhaustive process to ensure the right fit between employee and employer. For large organizations, that process can be far more daunting when all of the intricacies of hiring a large number of people can require significant resources. A prototype project by one postal organization might be a small glimpse into the future of a potential business opportunity.

To gear up for its 2020 survey, the Census Bureau is testing a new process for hiring the talent it needs for a smooth and comprehensive count. With the need to hire hundreds of thousands of individuals, the task could prove overwhelming when each nuance of the process is factored in. Fortunately for the organization, the opportunity to offset some of the employment application processing to a third party has the potential decrease the cost and workload involved in the process.

Starting this month, the Postal Service is partnering with the Census Bureau to test the possibility of hiring part-time Census employees to perform residential interviews for the 2020 Census. During the test, selected Post Offices in Maricopa County, AZ, will be equipped with the training tools, laptop computers, fingerprint capture devices, and other equipment needed to hire a small number of candidates. The test is expected to run from April through July 2015. If successful, the test project has the potential to expand use to other locations.

Do you think the Postal Service could offer employment processing services to other organizations beyond the Census?

Space Delivery

Space delivery

In the not too distant future, space travel beyond Earth’s orbit will become more the norm than the exception. Missions to both the moon and Mars are already planned in the near future, with permanent colonies in the works for both locations. As such living arrangements are made outside the protection of Earth’s atmospheric shell, could a demand for delivery to these cosmic locations be handled by a familiar shipping company?

The Postal Service handles package delivery to many remote locations across rugged terrain throughout the United States. Some of these journeys are not easy ones to make, particularly during inclement weather. Still, the passion postal employees demonstrate in making sure customers receive mail that connects them to the rest of the world is unmatched by any other organization. Could the services of these determined men and women be expanded to serve the needs of off-worlders?

Shipping competitors are already exploring the possibility of payload delivery into orbit, including satellites and essential materials for the International Space Station. The need for space delivery is growing by the year as new and replacement equipment is shuttled into space, and the technology to make the venture more affordable is advancing rapidly. If USPS begins the process of planning its entrance into the celestial ring of delivery soon, it could prove to be a dominant player in a potentially high profit industry.

Do you think the Postal Service should explore the possibility of deliveries to a space station, off-world colony, or other space-based location?

Still Hanging Out at the Post Office

Photo by Juillene Hewitt

Photo by Juillene Hewitt

Hello all, Benny here.

Last week, I posted the photo of our bovine friends above and asked for your help in giving them a voice. I received some great comments, and I’d like to share some of them with you:

  • Tammy D. Noll of Winchester, KS – “They were checking to make sure that the mail was still MOOving.”
  • Brook Lemm-Tabor of Minneapolis, MN – “We’re just lookin’ to help MOOOOVE the mail.”
  • Rebecca Hofman of Eagan, MN – “Ms. Bovine and her friends are reminding all the Postal patrons that the perfect Christmas dinner is ham or turkey!”

Thanks again for your terrific feedback! They helped bring a smile to my face, as I hope they did yours.

Until next time,


Hanging Out at the Post Office

Photo by Juillene Hewitt

Photo by Juillene Hewitt

Hello all, Benny here.

I recently received the photo above from Juillene Hewitt of Masonville, CO. I’ve found myself hanging out at the Post Office chatting with friends before, but I don’t believe I’ve quite seen the same from our bovine friends.

Since these fine patrons don’t have a voice of their own, could you help give them one? E-mail me at bennyblogger@gmail.com or comment below with a caption of why you think these fine creatures are visiting the local Post Office. I’ll share the submissions with our human friends in a future blog post.

I look forward to reading your creativity!

Until next time,



Vehicle Cameras Could Capture More Than License Plates

Vehicle cameras

Around the country, police are outfitting their cruisers with a new piece of equipment to help fight crime. Cameras capable of scanning the license plates of vehicles that enter their field of vision are growing in numbers every year. While police cruiser cameras augment the array of fixed-position cameras in various cities, there are many license plates moving about that they can’t catch. That number could be significantly reduced if these cities were to harness the fleet of government vehicles that visit every street, every day.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology has been around for decades, though its use was limited in its early years of life due to the low data processing capabilities of computers at the time. As computing technology became more advanced in recent years, ANPR use has expanded rapidly across the globe. License plate cameras have been used to successfully track criminal activity in cities across the U.S., leading to many arrests. Data obtained from the cameras can also assist in tracking and locating those responsible in future crimes, with some police units retaining license plate information indefinitely.

While data obtained from license plate cameras is extensive, it’s not comprehensive. That could change if cities enlisted the aid of postal vehicles. For a fee, cities could be permitted to mount special cameras on postal vehicles, allowing for expanded area coverage wherever they frequent. The potential venture could have the symbiotic benefit of significantly expanding license plate data reviewed by police while also bringing in additional source of revenue for the Postal Service.

Do you think postal vehicles could be used as mobile camera platforms to help police fight crime?

Post Office Buys Shipping Company in California

Post office buys shipping company

As businesses grow and expand, they sometimes find that looking overseas offers attractive opportunities. Postal organizations are no exception to taking advantage of that lucrative prospect.

Belgium Post (bpost) recently acquired a majority stake in Landmark Global, a U.S. parcel logistics company. The purchase is designed to further bpost’s expansion effort in international retail operations on three different continents including North America, Asia, and Europe.

Landmark Global creates distribution strategies for companies doing business domestically in the United States and abroad. The new acquisition by bpost allows the Belgium postal organization to leverage Landmark’s technology and expertise to expand global solution offering to its customers.

Should USPS acquire other organizations abroad to expand its international shipping solutions?

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