Community Day celebrates student education

North Platte, NE, Postmaster Pam Erickson with North Platte High School students

North Platte, NE, Postmaster Pam Erickson with North Platte High School students

During Community Day at the North Platte High School in Nebraska, a group of students in a special needs class took the opportunity to go to the North Platte Post Office to visit with Postmaster Pam Erickson and learn more about postal operations. Erickson was thrilled at the chance to teach the students about the Postal Service. She also provided stationery and envelopes so the students could write personal letters to family members.

“As they were (writing letters) you could see the pride they had in writing them,” said Erickson. “It was a great way to promote letter writing with an incredible group of students as well as teach them about various businesses within their community.”

Carrier care addresses high blood pressure scare

Ellsworth, KS, City Carrier Chad Petz

Ellsworth, KS, City Carrier Chad Petz

While Ellsworth, KS, City Carrier Chad Petz delivered along his route, he encountered a customer that appeared less than well.

Petz approached the individual and asked about his condition. When the man relayed his blood pressure readings, Petz knew the customer needed assistance.

Fearing the customer’s health was in jeopardy, Petz called for an ambulance and waited with the man until it arrived. As they waited, the customer told Petz that he didn’t have a phone, so he waited for his mail carrier to show up in the hope that he could offer assistance.

“Chad is a great employee and I am proud of his response that day,” said Postmaster Karen Goddard. “He reacted calmly and quickly. This customer was lucky to have Chad at his doorstep to call for help.”

“You rock!” – Customer cheers USPS service

Colorado Springs, CO, Antares Station City Carrier Melvin Carrasquillo with Colorado Springs Postmaster Sam Reed.

Colorado Springs, CO, Antares Station City Carrier Melvin Carrasquillo with Colorado Springs Postmaster Sam Reed.

Colorado Springs, CO, Postmaster Sam Reed recently received a hand-written customer compliment from Bonnie Bouldon celebrating the work of USPS and her carrier, Melvin Carrasquillo from Antares Station. The following is an excerpt from that note:

“USPS Thank you! You Rock!

“You are very much appreciated! Always reliable! Always honest! Always trustworthy! Always dependable! The only federal department that can be 100 percent relied on to always do a super job. You’re the best. Thank you!”

In response to the letter of praise, Reed also wrote a letter of praise for Carrasquillo and presented him with a #PostalProud t-shirt as a thank you for his outstanding service.

“It is clear that customer service is very important to you,” Reed wrote in his letter. “Thank you for your continued efforts to provide good customer service.”

Billing system issue no problem for mail clerk


When the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (FSA) had difficulty with linking postage due billing in a new centrally billed account system, they turned to an expert for assistance.

Hawkeye District Mailing Requirements Clerk Danny Wilson received the call for help and immediately went to work. In short order, he managed to link the FSA accounts for its Iowa office. He also provided an instruction guide which enabled its National Headquarters to get all the other states and territories properly linked as well, and then provided follow up guidance to make sure the process continued to flow smoothly.

For his efforts, the FSA presented Wilson with a Certificate of Appreciation.

“Danny has been in the Mailing requirements department for many years and is an asset to the team,” said acting Hawkeye Business Mail Entry Unit Manager Pamela King. “This is a prime example of Danny going the extra mile to provide great customer service.”

Ramp it up – Letter carrier helps aging canine

A videographer and crew from The Today Show featured Boulder, CO, Letter Carrier Jeff Kramer who built a dog ramp for an aging dog on his route.

A videographer and crew from The Today Show featured Boulder, CO, Letter Carrier Jeff Kramer who built a dog ramp for an aging dog on his route.

In Boulder, CO, a 14-year-old dog named Tashi has learned to get around a little easier thanks to a ramp installed by Letter Carrier Jeff Kramer.

Kramer first met Tashi a year and a half ago when the dog came outside to greet him on his route.

“He was a very happy dog, but couldn’t move around,” said Kramer of Tashi’s difficulty walking up and down the porch steps.

As time passed, Kramer noticed that Tashi’s owner had to carry him up and down the steps, so the letter carrier decided to help by donating the ramp he had used for his own elderly dog, Odie.

“I had it, so I figured why not let them use it,” said Kramer. “I hate seeing useful things have to go to the trash.”

Kramer stopped by Tashi’s home on his day off to install the ramp, which helped the dog reclaim his independence. Kramer went through the same thing with Odie and sympathized with the family.

“I didn’t want them to make any difficult decisions because of Tashi not being able to move around anymore,” he said.

Kramer was interviewed by several local media outlets and was featured on The Today Show on Jan. 21.

Armed Forces Committee invites Missoula carrier to Inauguration

Senior Chief Petty Officer and Missoula, MT, City Carrier Kelly Carson

Senior Chief Petty Officer and Missoula, MT, City Carrier Kelly Carson

When the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee selected exceptional individuals to participate in the Presidential Inauguration, they turned to Senior Chief Petty Officer and Missoula, MT, City Carrier Kelly Carson to request his presence for the ceremony.

Senior Chief Carson was pleased to receive the honor of selection. The detail assignment spanned more than two weeks from Jan. 2 through Jan. 21. To be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience was not only an honor, but a testament to Carson’s character and leadership.

Carson has also proven himself a leader as a city carrier and Academy/DSI trainer. His exemplary daily performance as a carrier also provides leadership and sets the model for newly hired and seasoned carriers to follow.

“Kelly is a huge part of our Missoula coaching and mentoring team,” said Customer Service Supervisor Karen Jones. “He created a four-hour PowerPoint presentation that he presents to our CCAs after six months of being employed. Kelly is a true leader, an outstanding employee/carrier and undoubtedly one of the happiest, kindest people I have ever met.”

Senator gives oath of office to new Postmasters


Montana Senator Jon Tester assisted in the process of giving the oath of office to 11 newly promoted Postmasters in Great Falls, MT, recently. Family members of the Postmasters had the chance to watch the process and celebrate loved ones as they accepted the appointments. As a thank you for his assistance, Tester was presented with a framed stamp art keepsake from the recently released National Parks Forever stamp series.

Career achievement – unlocked

Group photo of Urban holding framed art piece with management and co-workers.

Group photo of Urban holding framed art piece with management and co-workers.

Albuquerque, NM, Uptown Station City Carrier Lawrence “Jerry” Urban recently reached a major career milestone. After a considerable work history of steadfast service, Urban marked his 50th year of federal service.

In a celebratory event, Uptown employees gathered to cheer his significant accomplishment. Arizona District Manager John DiPeri attended the gathering and thanked Urban for his service and dedication.

“Jerry is not only working as a letter carrier after 50 years of federal service, he is on the overtime desired list,” said DiPeri. “That’s impressive.”

Before beginning his service with USPS at the Eldorado Station (now the Steve Schiff Station), Urban served eight years in the Air Force. DiPeri presented Urban with a framed art piece with a New Mexico Statehood and U.S. Department of Air Force stamps at the event to honor Urban’s time at both agencies.

“Jerry is one of the hardest working carriers at the unit,” said Uptown Station City Carrier Vince Martinez. “He is willing to carry overtime on any route. He is an employee the newly hired carriers should use as their role model.”

“The Postal Service has been good to me,” Urban said about his career milestone. “There are a lot of good people here.”

Sharing the spirit


Retail Associate Karla Futral, Blackfoot Postmaster Jeff Arbon, and Retail Associate Deanna Smith.

Several Post Offices in southeast Idaho recently shared their enthusiasm for the Postal Service and their passion for great customer service by holding customer appreciation days at their offices.

The Postmasters at each participating office had a few words to share about the special events.

Pocatello Postmaster Liz Snow and Supervisor Clara Sutherland.

Pocatello Postmaster Liz Snow and Supervisor Clara Sutherland.

“It went very well in Pocatello,” said Pocatello Postmaster Elizabeth Snow. “We had approximately 55 folks come through and eight new business connects!”

Rexburg Postmaster Rory Scott

Rexburg Postmaster Rory Scott

“It went extremely well here in Idaho Falls,” said Idaho Falls Postmaster Tony Haws. “We had the local press here and I met many customers and had a variety of good conversations. Overall, a very positive event.”

Idaho Falls Postmaster Tony Haws

Idaho Falls Postmaster Tony Haws

Double celebration

Wichita, KS, Corporate Hills Station Alan Cunningham

Wichita, KS, Corporate Hills Station Alan Cunningham (center)

Employees of the Wichita, KS, Corporate Hills Station recently had a double celebration.

The special event, covered by local news media, cheered the accomplishments of City Carrier Alan Cunningham and Rural Carrier Jeff Doyle. Cunningham has achieved an enviable milestone – 55 years of federal employment. He spent the first four years of his career as a U.S. Marine before beginning his career with the Postal Service in 1965. He has enjoyed his job ever since that time and has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“Alan is a great employee who always strives to deliver the best possible service to his customers,” said Manager of Customer Service Kimberly Lange. “We are proud of his dedication, not only to the Postal Service, but for the four years he served our country as a Marine.”

Wichita, KS, Corporate Hills Station Jeff Doyle

Wichita, KS, Corporate Hills Station Jeff Doyle (center)

Doyle’s significant accomplishment is an inspiration to other carriers on the road. Driving for one million miles, or 30 years, is no easy task. It takes paying attention to the road at all times and in any weather condition to avoid an at-fault accident. Lange appreciates Doyle’s commitment to driving safely and was honored to have the chance to present him with the National Safety Council’s Million Mile Safe Driver Award.

“Our carriers deliver the mail in all kinds of weather and face daily hazards on their routes,” said Lange. “So, for Jeff to have driven a million miles without a preventable accident is a tremendous achievement. He stands as a great example not only to our workforce, but to drivers everywhere.

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