Notes of appreciation

Distribution Clerk Irene Wilcox, Rural Carrier Associate Jake Duncan, Distribution Clerk Kevin Peterson, Rural Carrier Traci Peterson, Rural Carrier Associate Bo Elkins, Postmaster Scott Christensen, and Retail Associate Sue Prestwich. 

Distribution Clerk Irene Wilcox, Rural Carrier Associate Jake Duncan, Distribution Clerk Kevin Peterson, Rural Carrier Traci Peterson, Rural Carrier Associate Bo Elkins, Postmaster Scott Christensen, and Retail Associate Sue Prestwich.

When a customer recently sent notes of appreciation to the Snowflake, AZ, Post Office, the team was eager to share the positive messages.

“Thank you for all you do and for working on holiday!” the customer wrote in one note. “Also for serving our community! We appreciate you delivering our mail even though the weather is bad.”

The words of praise now adorn the lobby of the Snowflake Post Office for all to see, rain or shine.

Community celebrates new office


West Plains, MO, Post Office Postmaster JoAnn Carter recently held a Customer Appreciation Ribbon Cutting Day to celebrate the grand opening of her facility in a new location two blocks from the previous building.

Senior management within the Mid-America District joined Carter in the celebration to meet and greet customers and answer any questions they might have. Several retired West Plains postal employees also joined in the celebration, including former West Plains Postmaster Jack McNevins.

“How things have changed in the Postal Service with the scanning devices, terminals and all, but the pleasant postal attitudes remains the same,” said McNevins who was the West Plains Postmaster for 35 years.

Visitors to the grand opening were treated to donuts, coffee and water during their attendance.

“The West Plains Post Office Staff is dedicated to service and will continue to provide the very best service we can, as you deserve it,” said Carter during the ceremony.

“Epitome of perfect customer service”

Evergreen DCU Acting Manager Mike Holguin with Supervisors Kennedy Baily and Mark Murray.

Evergreen DCU Acting Manager Mike Holguin with Supervisors Kennedy Baily and Mark Murray.

When customers Rod and Patti recently had difficulty opening their mailbox, the problem was a highly concerning one. The couple had been expecting important medical and insurance documents in the mail related to Patti’s upcoming brain surgery and needed immediate access. While Rod’s key fit into the mailbox lock, it refused to turn and grant access to the box’s contents.

Rod visited the Hillsboro, OR, Beaverton Evergreen Detached Carrier Unit early the next morning for help with his box. Acting Manager Mike Holguin realized the severity of the situation and drove to the couple’s home to render aid.

“Mr. Holguin immediately recognized the uniqueness of my situation and, without hesitation, offered to meet me at our mailbox and do whatever was necessary to solve the problem,” said Rod. “Shortly after I returned home, Mr. Holguin arrived and quickly determined that the lock’s latch had been blocked by a Starbuck’s promotional gift box that must have been delivered on the day our lock stopped functioning properly. Mr. Holguin was friendly and sincere, and he made us feel like our peace of mind was his top priority.

“Mr. Holguin is the epitome of perfect customer service and supervision. If every supervisor or manager modeled himself or herself after Mr. Holguin, this world would be a much better place.”

Holguin was happy to assist the couple and hopes that others would choose to do the same if given the opportunity.

“The response from Rod and Patti is very humbling,” said Holguin. “We go throughout our days making sure that we follow the plans and processes. It’s feedback like this that keeps our heads up and wanting to continue the effort to give our customers the service that they expect.

“Going out to the street to help a customer like Rod and his wife is just part of our job,” Holguin added. “We are asked to complete many tasks in a day’s work, but being able to put a smile on a customer’s face is what charges up our batteries to continue our daily efforts.”

Cosmic celebration

Lenox Postmaster Lisa Johns with Retail Associates Gail Cordell and Janice Mobley.

Lenox Postmaster Lisa Johns with Retail Associates Gail Cordell and Janice Mobley.

With many children heading back to school this month, the Lenox, IA, Post Office team held a special Views of Our Planets-themed event to welcome the new school year.

During the cosmic gala, children had the opportunity to help Lenox employees attach inflatable planets featured in the new stamp series to the ceiling. Beyond gazing contemplatively at planets in the solar system orbiting the sun high above, kids also received stickers and pencils to help on their scholastic journeys ahead.

The Lenox team immersed themselves in their universal role by making special t-shirts to wear during the festivities. The local newspaper took notice of the celebration and wrote a glowing review.

“If you haven’t seen the planetary display in the Lenox Post Office, it is worth the time to take a look,” the article said. “You may also want to purchase a sheet of these special stamps while they are available.”

Customer celebrates Chapman employees

Chapman, KS, Retail Associates Haylee Bowden and Mindee Reynolds with Postmaster Darrell Dome.

Chapman, KS, Retail Associates Haylee Bowden and Mindee Reynolds with Postmaster Darrell Dome.

While visiting the Chapman, KS, Post Office this summer, a customer received such consistently exceptional service, she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm.

The customer entered her words of praise into and followed up the entry with a call to Postmaster Darrell Dome.

“She has come in other times to say that this is the best Post Office ever and that the employees here go out of their way to make sure the customers get great service,” said Dome.

The customer didn’t identify a specific individual to offer her compliment, but did mention the entire team’s professionalism, courteousness, and helpfulness. For Dome and his team, getting to know customers is the secret to a great experience.

For their remarkable service, Retail Associates Haylee Bowden and Mindee Reynolds received a Deliver the Brand Certificate of Appreciation.

“Haylee and Mindee are dedicated employees and do a fantastic job serving our customers,” said Dome. “We are small enough that the customers expect a personal touch, and we try to give them that personal feeling.”

Eagle River Post Office enhances customer experience with mPOS

Eagle River, AK, Post Office team

Eagle River, AK, Post Office team

Customer satisfaction is an important element of growing a business. To enhance customer experience at their office, employees at the Eagle River, AK, Post Office began using an mPOS device last year. The mPOS, or mobile Point of Sale, is a hand-held device which lobby directors use to assist customers by speeding up simple transactions. Though employees were hesitant to use the new technology at first, one individual embraced the device.

Retail Associate Marilyn “Punky” Morris greets customers as they enter the Post Office lobby and directs them to either the Self-Service Kiosk (SSK) or she offers to serve them with the mPOS, rather than having them wait in line. Her dedication to customers has not only reduced the wait time in line, it earned her office a special award.

The Eagle River team recently received a certificate of appreciation from Alaska Marketing Manager Dawn Peppinger for their efforts as well as a traveling mPOS performance trophy.

Birthday Surprise

Birthday surprise

USPS employees often form a bond with customers that transcend business transactions. For one particular customer in Albuquerque, NM, that experience was enhanced with cake and coffee.

Minnie is a regular customer of the Business Mail Entry Unit. She routinely sends a monthly newsletter through the unit and enjoys the opportunity to speak with the staff.

“This wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen are the best and most efficient people that anyone would be proud to work with,” said Minnie in a recent email.

In a recent discussion about her age with the staff, Minnie told them she recently celebrated her 91st birthday. When she returned the following month to send her monthly newsletter, the employees had prepared a birthday celebration for her and sang happy birthday when she entered the facility, provided her with cake and coffee, and presented her with a Jazz Forever poster signed by the entire staff.

“I feel very special, and that memory will forever be in my heart,” said Minnie.

Logistics Revenue

Internal logistics

Entrepreneur success stories are welcome news to those who seek to take an idea and develop it into a profitable business. As a business transitions from the drawing board into a budding product line, how does it manage the storage and shipping of items when a home-based garage can no longer handle larger volumes? It might just be possible for a familiar shipping company to offer the perfect solution for this and other similar scenarios.

Besides its superior mailing services, the Postal Service stages and distributes mail, packages, and the equipment to move them throughout its many facilities nationwide. It has developed a powerful skillset to know exactly where each item of mail is located in a building, and it has a large number of knowledgeable people to deftly handle the processing and distribution of these items in a highly efficient way.

If the Postal Service were to adapt its staging and distribution expertise into a service for businesses looking to increase its capacity without the expense of going it alone, the opportunity could yield a potentially profitable new source of revenue. USPS could transform sections of buildings with capacities greater than it needs into storage centers for businesses. Whenever a customer of a small to mid-sized business places an order, the business can turn to USPS to ship the item from its storage center. The faster response time could even allow businesses to offer same-day shipping should the storage center be located near an end customer.

In a competitive business environment, the combination of delivery and storage center service could very well offer another stream of income to boost revenue at America’s original mail delivery service.

Do you think the Postal Service should look into the possibility of entering the warehouse business?

New Look for


The Postal Service recently changed to make it easier for customers to use.

The changes include simplifying the website’s navigation tools to focus on its most popular pages — such as mailing and shipping, tracking packages, managing mail and the Postal Store.

Pages specifically for business customers and international shipping also will be designated, and useful information will be re-organized to help customers find what they are looking for faster.

To check out the new features offered on the enhanced website, click here.

Shipper Partners with Retail Outlet

Shipper partners with retail outlet

Recently, FedEx announced a partnership with Home Hardware Stores Limited, a Canadian-based home improvement center, to offer full-service shipping solution centers to customers within Home Hardware stores. Implementation is expected to roll out in phases over the course of the year.

Each store is operated by an independent “Home Owner,” and each owner will evaluate the in-house shipping center for possible inclusion in their store.

In its official announcement, FedEx states that the partnership will give “…online shoppers more points-of-access options to meet their shipping needs.” Both companies expect the partnership to yield beneficial results for their customers.

Home Hardware, founded in 1964, has annual sales of $5.4 billion from the nearly 1,100 retail locations throughout Canada. President and CEO of Home Hardware Paul Straus states in the partnership announcement, “This exciting alliance with FedEx Express Canada is one of the many ways in which we continue to innovate to add more value to our customers’ shopping experience.”

As companies look for opportunities to increase brand awareness and product access to customers going forward, additional alliances similar to the FedEx/Home Hardware partnership are likely to unfold.

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