CFC Hero Award


For the past three years, City Carrier Jason Valian has been a Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) coordinator for the Main Post Office in Renton, WA. His unique and engaging approach to his job has encouraged many others to donate to a wide variety of the charities available within the CFC program. His superior efforts also helped him earn the 2012 CFC Hero Award.

Besides providing his fellow employees with the sweet taste of fresh donuts every Friday, Valian also regales them with his CFC-oriented poems. The poetry is designed to be a helpful reminder of the value and importance of reaching out to those in need through the CFC.

In addition to the CFC Hero Award, Valian was also awarded the 2012 CFC Campaign Coordinator Award.

Here’s a sample of Valian’s CFC poetry:

“As you partake in these wonderful delights, and your senses, the sweetness ignites. Please remember the CFC campaign and be charitable without restrain. With over 3,000 charities to choose, get out that booklet and peruse. So far, we’ve had 11 people contribute, and their funds, CFC will distribute. To the charities to which they’ve designated, I feel so happy, as though I’m medicated. And over $4,000 they’ve allocated, at least that’s what I’ve calculated. So, if you’re thinking of donating, let’s get moving. Think of all the lives you’re improving. To save the environment, helping people or pets, I promise you, you won’t have any regrets.”

Bountiful Post Office Takes Caring (and Carrying) to a Whole New Level

Shelly Johnson moves parcels and flats to the case.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Coordinators and Bountiful, UT, City Carriers Michelle Snapp and Megan Hooley were on a mission to increase carrier participation and have some fun.  The “prize” that garnered the most enthusiasm was putting all CFC donors into a hat and drawing routes for local management to carry.

Supervisors Shelly Johnson and Keith Wells donned uniforms provided by generous carriers.  Postmaster Mike Carey drew Cindy Lewis’ route. When asked what Cindy, a 32-year veteran of the Postal Service, would do while Carey delivered her route, she good-naturedly remarked, “Laugh!  Maybe do a driver observation.”

A day of carrying mail increased management’s sincere appreciation for all that their carriers do, especially for their caring efforts to benefit CFC. The result was a 77.8% increase in participation over last year.

“All the credit for increased employee involvement belongs to Megan and Michelle. They’re the ones who came up with this great idea,” praised Postmaster Carey.

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