A rewarding career that almost wasn’t

Peyton, CO, Rural Carrier Karen Lash with Post Office Operations Manager Tim Huskey

Peyton, CO, Rural Carrier Karen Lash recently received the prestigious Million Mile Award from Post Office Operations Manager Tim Huskey. Her dedication to safe driving for the Postal Service almost never came to be without the urging of a trusted family member.

Lash started her postal career as a rural carrier associate in Canon City, CO, in 1981. When her brother, a rural carrier, suggested she apply for the job, she wasn’t certain it was for her. After no small amount of coaxing, she relented and joined the Postal Service soon thereafter. Nearly 36 years later, Lash is grateful her brother convinced her to apply to the organization where she’s enjoyed a rewarding career ever since.

“Karen is giving and kind to everyone, but goes above and beyond in customer service for her patrons,” said Huskey.

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