Duffel with no address arrives home safely

Cozad, NE, Postmaster Teresa Kaiser

Cozad, NE, Postmaster Teresa Kaiser

When Cozad, NE, Postmaster Teresa Kaiser found a duffel bag in the mail stream at her office without an address, linking it with its owner could have been problematic. Kaiser, however, didn’t let the lack of an address deter her from reuniting the bag with its owner.

After inspecting the duffel, Kaiser found an airline tag. Though it didn’t contain a name or address, it did have an email address.

Kaiser emailed the address on the airline tag and inquired about the bag. The owner replied almost immediately with enthusiasm that his bag had been located, and gave Kaiser his mailing address.

“Through her extra effort to reach the customer we were able to find the address and get the customer’s duffel back on its way to Las Vegas the same day,” said Post Office Operations Manager Todd Case.

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